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How the payload.dcg entries mean?

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I was looking at the knowledge of the internal files to develop a campaign with DCG....

As I think to add some new planes I need to understand how their loadout are unsed....

For example I have to update the He-51 loadout because in the late part of SCW it was used for ground attack....

So , this is the string with only default entries....but each loadout stand for a specific usage....did you know which is the order so I can change the 'default' with the appropriate loadout ?:


He51C                              default                                 default                                 default                                 default                                 default                                 default


Thanks in advance for your help!

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Studying further I discover this:


Column 1 - Ground-attack / anti-tank payload.
Column 2 - Anti-bomber (for fighters only) - either heavy cannon, extra ammo, rockets payload.
Column 3 - Level bombing or armed recon payload (against bridges/factories/stations, etc).
Column 4 – Long-Range payload (Fighter Only) – Fuel drop tanks are added if the mission distance is 200km or greater.  DCG removes drop tanks from CAP flights where the maximum action radius is less than 400 kilometers.
Column 5 – Anti-ship payload.

Column 6 - still unknown (maybe a bomber escort loadout because in 3.50 payload.dcg it is used only by P-47 and P-51)

(if payloads is set to "none" this will prohibit any assignment of that kind of missions.)


Related timetable commands

Column 1 - Date NewPayload Aircraft GAWeapon =
Column 2 - Date NewPayload Aircraft AAWeapon =
Column 3 - Date NewPayload Aircraft LBWeapon =
Column 4 - Date NewPayload Aircraft Droptank =
Column 5 - Date NewPayload Aircraft ASWeapon =
Column 6 - Date NewPayload Aircraft (unknown to me atm)


EXAMPLE from timetable:

  19410810 NewPayload JU_88A4 GAWeapon = 2xSC1000
  19410810 NewPayload FW_190A8 AAWeapon = r14mg15120
  19410810 NewPayload JU_88A4 LBWeapon = 10xSC50
  19410810 NewPayload FW_190A6 Droptank = r11tank
  19410810 NewPayload JU_88A4 ASWeapon = 2xSC1000
  19410810 NewPayload JU_88A4 (code unknown) =


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Discovered where the last column act:

In the default payload....

This can change the standard payload if it is not desired , not correct or not historical in the campaign creation process....

EX....If my nightfighter have as default ammunitions with tracer and as another loadout the same configuration but with ammunitions without traces , I can set this payload as the default (generic) payload....

STILL TO UNDERSTAND timetable code for this condition....maybe like in the last example could be the loadout name without pre code or the pre code could be DEFAULT (or Default)....

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