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Team Fusion - unofficial mod updates to Cliffs of Dover


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They just released a video highlighting their efforts:




Hello one and all.


This video by Team Fusion details the major updates intended to be in our first Patch release for the Simulation Cliffs of Dover.


We' date=' like you, are Flight Simulation enthusiasts and are steadily, methodically and with dedication, working away to improve and eradicate the remaining bugs that have hindered the software since it's release.


We are not an official body supported by funding, just passionate individuals gathered together in unison to make sure one of the best simulation of WW2 flying combat, gets the attention and kudos it ultimately deserves.


Over the previous months, we have gathered talent, effectively from across the world, and made huge progress in nurturing the Software as-well as understanding some of the much more complicated issues that have caused some to shy away from this awesome Simulation.


Please note that we will do our very best to answer questions (at the forum linked below), but there will be times that you may hear nothing. This isn't to 'hide' anything or avoid your specific points, it may just be that we really can't answer the questions and we will do our best to indicate this. Please remember, we are a group of enthusiasts, not paid or looked after by anyone, so all our work is free and done in our spare time.....for you!


The video can be viewed here, and please feel free to share the link or embed the video wherever you find appropriate.


In the video you will see just some examples of the progress that has been made and yet it really is (as we are discovering) just the tip of the Iceberg as we probe deeper and learn so much more!


With that in mind, please enjoy the following presentation and we look forward to hearing your thoughts on our progress.


Cheers, Team Fusion


Please visit us at:




to offer your feedback on this ongoing project.[/quote']


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