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High Altitude Bomber Training at No.42 Sqn


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Gentlemen! On 7/24/13 at 8pm EDT I will conduct a Level Bombing course on our server. This will be for any current FiF participating pilots Entente and CP alike. As it was mentioned that a few JG1 fellas might be interested, I'm posting a notice over here.


There are several ways to successfully drop bombs flying level from altitude, I will teach one way on Wednesday. Those who are interested should find their way to the No.42 forum and sign up on the General Discussion thread there. The class will consist of a short classroom discussion of technique and a walk-around the bombardier's position then application of the classroom lesson by bombing a factory from no less than 2000m. There will be wind. Pre-requisite for the class is possession of at least one 2-seater acft excluding the Breuget and Bristol (their bomb sites are not conducive to a basic bombing class). The HP or Gotha may be allowed case-by-case.


I look forward to seeing you there!

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Hi Flat,


Thanks for the offer! We'll definitely be there.


Please let us know if there is some way we can reciprocate. There are a number of topics that JG1 could talk about, which some of your guys may find valuable. If you have any ideas, perhaps pulled from your experiences against us in FiF, please let us know.

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