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Hallo meine alten Freunde! I'm assuming you've all seen this?



Shall we old timers muster and fly again? Is Kessler still amonst your ranks?


RAF_Gweetar_Col (Ret.)


Hi Gweetar,


Thanks for stopping by and posting!


Unfortunately, Kessler retired a long time back. But we still have a few active pilots from the '90s. Lowengrin, Butzzell, Wurger, Degelow, RivRat, etc.


Do you fly ROF at all?


Even if you don't, you're more than welcome to stop by our TeamSpeak.


I can PM you the address.


Hope to talk more soon.







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Hi Klaiber,


Thanks for the invite and sounds like fun. I checked out ROF on Steam but saw lots of DLC's. What setup are you using?


I definitely remember Lowengrin and many of the others. JG1 were great adversaries, fun laid back guys and always had my utmost respect. Please send my regards to Kess if anyone is still in contact.



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My computer is about four years old, and I don't have any problems running it.


You do have to pay for extra aircraft, but you can download a free version here:




It comes with the Alb D.Va and the Spad 13.


Later on, if you like it, you could always upgrade your free version into the full version:



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