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where to start - the big question


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Hello gentlemen


I am looking to start running campaigns for my squad using the famous DCG by Lowengrin.


- got HSFX 7.0.1

- got IL2MLR to extract score

- got a squad eager to fly dynamic campaigns

- got no clue where to start


I apologize if this is awkward - your database is huge and I am having trouble finding the step-by-step guide on setting up the first camapign. If I could ask for you to point me to some threads so I can do extensive reading, I'd be one happy pilot.


Thanks in advance.

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The first question is do you want to play coop or dogfight? Whichever you select, then select that option in DCG. After that, depending on which one you select, there are a couple ways to launch the game - and all that info is at www.lowengrin.com.


Even though you have HSFX 7.0.1, I strongly recommend you stick to one of the "stock" campaigns that comes with DCG. Doesn't matter which, just pick one and give it a try.

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