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  1. Locations don't have a set radius. Rather, each static object is assigned to the nearest location. The quickest way to check the assignment is to cycle through the Stationary Object Activation applet on the Ground Objects Editor. It'll show you the location each object is linked to.
  2. The only locations that DCG recognizes as being part of a shared location are those that are _Harbors, _Ports and _Stations. So Moscow and Moscow_Station are related. But Moscow and Moscow_North are not.
  3. You should be able to use "_Ferry" as a base. It's in the rds file. Yes, you can use Moscow_1, Moscow_2, etc. If it were me, I'd name them by the suburb of Moscow though. That's what I did, for example, for Odessa. If you put enough static train objects in one location (and not make them neutral!), DCG will bomb it. The more densely populated an area is with static objects, the more likely it will be targeted (especially be medium and heavy bombers).
  4. Probably you need to set your game's (that's IL2's) eventlogkeep=0 in the conf.ini file. I'm guessing it's currently set to "1".
  5. I really should check the code, but it could very well be code and nation.
  6. That's interesting. It's been so long, but maybe I did use the plane's name as the primary key rather than the ID....
  7. No, that's not how that command works. When beachhead reset is off, a defending unit at a beach will stop and defend the beach forever. When beachhead reset is on, a defending unit at a beach will reset (return to a spawning point) if there are no enemy on the beach.
  8. It's not quite that simple but if you're happy with the design of the road network, then it is a big time saver.
  9. Huh? (In my defence, that code was written like 20 years ago.)
  10. Just the old PDF that you can find here: https://forum.jg1.org/topic/7662-lonestars-create-an-external-dcg-campaign-pdf/
  11. Good question. I'd have to dig through the code to be sure, but I think that they don't. Only rail stations need a matching location so that a train knows it can unload equipment there. Same applies for ships and harbours/ports.
  12. Yes, if DCG is being run in the background (from playing in autogeneration mode), it can remain open and you have to close it through Task Manager. And if you don't, it can keep files locked if you try to run another instance of it.
  13. It won't change the day if you have "Time Passage" set to "slow" (or slower than slow). Well, not right away. Are you sure it wasn't accidentally changed from "normal"?
  14. Yes, even manually generated missions will move from one map to the next. (I'm not sure why full autogen wouldn't work with a mod.)
  15. Generally this happens when there's something wrong with the data files for the plane that you've selected to fly. It shouldn't happen with IL-2 if the game is fully patched, but as soon as you introduce a mod, all bets are off.
  16. Road locations are those defined in .rds files. (Rail locations are in .rls files. And sea locations are in .srd files.) I can't say why the rail bridge remains Axis. It's not the last axis rail location, is it? Then it will stay Axis because it's defined as their starting location.
  17. Usually access violations occur when DCG tries to update a file that is "read only". Make sure all your folders and files in DCG and IL2 are not read only.
  18. So how many hours did it take you to create this campaign?!?
  19. 15 minutes to generate a mission? I really need to go in and optimize some code!
  20. Lonestar created this document many years ago but it's still relevant for designing (and modding) campaigns. Create an external DCG campaign.pdf
  21. Yes, depending on the mod you are using.... First you have to find the supporting DCG files for that mod (if they exist) and add them. Then you can either just generate a stock campaign and then use the DCG app to change your plane. Or you can modify the campaign files and then generate a new campaign. (There are instructions on how to modify/create campaigns around here somewhere....)* If there are no DCG files to support the mod, then it's a lot more work because then you'll have to modify the stock ones for the modded planes. *Edit: Look for Lonestar's campaign design document here.
  22. The beta is on the previous page. Click the arrow in the top right of the quote box to link.
  23. Yes, that's it. An example of every timetable command should be in the timetable.dcg file. Just do a search and you shall find.
  24. So I just looked at these and they're both static campaigns. What DCG users can do with them though is take the skins, pilot photos and sound files and drop them in the appropriate folders for use.
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