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Pilot's Name Changes After Coop Mission?


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I'm starting to experiment with an online Coop campaign.  In my 'modes' panel I only have 'On-Line Co-op' checked and nothing else.  I have started and run the campaign via the instructions:


Manual Mission Generation Mode (Pilot Career, Single Mission, Coop, or Dogfight).

1. Run DCG.
2. Select the mission mode: Coop, or Dogfight or Single Player Manual (SPManual = no mode checked).
3. If this is a new campaign, click on the "World" icon, otherwise skip to #6.
4. From the drop-down box that appears, select the country/service and campaign.
5. Click on the "Start Button".
6. Make any other changes such as squadron, plane, weather, etc.
7. Click the Generate Mission button.
8. Run IL2/FB and fly the mission.
9. When you are finished flying the mission, ALT + TAB out of IL2/FB and manually generate a new mission.


During step 6 the only change I am making is replacing the flight leaders name to my full name in the squadron editor panel in DCG.  I then generate the mission, launch IL2, host and play the coop mission (with me selecting the flight lead of my squadron).


Everything thing seems to be working fine but after step 8 when the mission is complete and I open back up DCG, the name of the flight lead is no longer my full name and has been changed to a random name.... and this happens after every mission weather I change the name or not.


Does anyone know what is happening and how to correct the problem with the name changing?  I thought DCG was supposed to track stats for pilots even in coop mode throughout the course of multiple sequential missions?


Any help is greatly appreciated,





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Never enter yourself into the squadron using the editor.  When you select a plane in the mission briefing, your callsign gets picked out of the log information and used by DCG.  Depending on the number of human pilots involved, after the mission, your info might get stored in the gunner.dcg file.

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Thank you for the clarification Paul!   I seem to have gotten it to work properly however I've noticed that sometimes my name gets still gets replaced/stats lost from time to time.  This seems to happen anytime I reopen DCG after I hit 'generate mission' and before I fly the scheduled mission.  I suppose I can deal with that and be extra careful not to accidentally open DCG at the wrong time but is it normal for it to do that?


Also, even though I have 'squadron managment' checked, I can't seem to get the the function to work at all in DCG (ie. change pilot slots for the AI).  Is this normal for coop mode?  


Thank you,



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