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S! All,
JG1 is proud to present the Flanders In Flames Online War!
For those unfamiliar with Flanders In Flames (FIF), or it's long history within the virtual First World War online flight community, FIF is a homegrown online tournament that uses the Rise of Flight flight simulator.
First created for Red Baron 3D in October 1999 by JG1's Ernst von Leep and Paul Lowengrin, FIF has always been designed to provide participants with the most realistic campaign experience possible. Emphasis is placed on creating historically inspired dogfights and aircraft match-ups.  Two-seater missions are thus vital, and the repercussions of lost resources on both supply and mission capabilities heavily affect the outcome of campaigns.
FIF is a "dead-is-dead" style event. This means that each player will only have one pilot life per night. If the player is killed, or captured, they are done for that mission. Further, FIF does not make use any type of scripted missions. As a result, tournament play is allowed to flow naturally between the two established teams - the Central Powers (Mittelmächte) and the Entente Powers. Both of these teams have their own Command, and it is these individuals who determine what the operation orders will be for each side.
More information regarding Flanders In Flames tournament specifics will be posted over the coming weeks.
For now, please feel free to post below and check out the sign-up thread.
Otto Klaiber
Jagdgeschwader Nr. I "Richthofen"

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