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Flanders In Flames Online War (North America)


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S! All,


Back in the heady days of Red Baron 3D, Jagdgeschwader 1 (JG1) developed and operated a tournament known as Flanders In Flames (FIF).


Now, in collaboration with the No.42 Squadron, the Black Haze, the Wing Walkers and Jasta 5, JG1 has developed a new Flanders In Flames Online War design to fit the strengths and capabilities of Rise of Flight!


FIF has always been about providing participants with the most realistic campaign experience possible. This continues today.  Emphasis is placed on creating historically inspired dogfights and aircraft match-ups.  Two-seater missions are thus vital.


The current FIF tournament is hosted on the No.42 Squadron server on Wednesdays at 8:45PM EDT till 11:00PM EDT.


FIF forums, in turn, are hosted by JG1.


Unfortunately, there is no European FIF as of this post (24 July 2014).  However, this is something that JG1 is currently working on with the help of our European-based Jasta 6.


In it's current format, the North American-version of FIF is an almost continuous "dead-is-dead" event.  Each FIF event is a set of 4 to 6 Wednesday-night sessions, often with a two or three week break afterwards.  FIF then starts again with a new map location, different types of targets and a new plane-set.


To see the current FIF rules, click here. We are currently working on Slovak, Russian and French versions.


FIF currently has room for an additional 15 to 20 dedicated pilots who are comfortable with our North American timezones.


These pilots can be members of an established squadron, or unsquaded freelancers.


All interested pilots:

  • Need to have and be able to use TeamSpeak3.
  • Are encouraged to have TrackIR or FreeTrack (as no externals are allowed).
More information regarding the next FIF tournament will be posted over the coming weeks.


For now, please feel free to post below with any questions you may have, and definitely check out the Central and Entente sign-up threads over on the JG1 boards.


Please note that there is a two-part process after sign up.

  • New pilots will need to participate in a basic skills event, called an "FIF Shakedown".
  • New pilots will also need to take part in basic "FIF orientation", coordinated by their team.
This is make sure everyone understands how the tournament handles big issues like team coordination, squadron tactics and tournament rules.


Hope to see you all in the air soon!

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