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Starting dates of the campaign operations error


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I set the starting dates of some of the pacific campaigns in the allcampaigns.dcg and their ending dates in the endcampaign.dcg found inside the DCG 3.46 data folder directory.


In the USN Fighter pilot career the Coral Sea operation is the first in this campaign.


When the Coral Sea operation finishes on the 09/05/1942, the starting date of the next operation in the campaign (which is Midway) remains still 09/05/1942 (!) --> not 04/06/1942 as it should be.


I have enabled the Fixed Start Dates/Squadrons option, so when a campaign advances to a new area/map the campaign date should skip ahead to that date --> but this option doesn't work.


How i could solve this problem?


Thanks in advance for any help.

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