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FIF XX Christmas Truce


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To paraphrase Norman Jorgenson: the guns of Flanders have stopped firing.  A deathly silence now creeps over the pitted and ruined landscape.
With those words, Flanders in Flames XX has concluded in a draw.
This cease-fire will last until at least January 2015, when we will start preparing for another FIF campaign - Flanders in Flames XXI!
New things are on the horizon for both the ROF game and this tournament. So I look forward to seeing all you in the virtual skies again after the holidays!  A special thanks to all of the European pilots who woke up extremely early to fly with us. It was greatly appreciated!
I'll post the FIFXX campaign ribbon later tonight.
Honestly, it’s somehow fitting that we have our tournament end "peacefully" on the 100th anniversary of the Christmas Truce of 1914.
We of course only play a video game, mimicking real-life engagements that happened almost a century ago.  Our air battles are bloodless, born in the desire for camaraderie, teamwork, and friendly competition.
But as we fast approach the 2014 holiday season, let us take a moment to think about those who fought in the real battles that we replicate.


Let's honor them in our own way.  And let's hope that our love of history, and sincere desire to keep the memory of the First World War alive, is enough of a tribute to those who sacrificed everything.


“Still looking and dreaming, my eyes caught a flare in the darkness. A light in the enemy's trenches was so rare at that hour that I passed a message down the line. I had hardly spoken when light after light sprang up along the German front. Then quite near our dug-outs, so near as to make me start and clutch my rifle, I heard a voice. There was no mistaking that voice with its guttural ring. With ears strained, I listened, and then, all down our line of trenches there came to our ears a greeting unique in war: "English soldier, English soldier, a merry Christmas, a merry Christmas!"


                                                                                                -- Private Frederick W. Heath

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