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Winning the war


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A quick question for anyone that may be able to help me..



I'm a big fan of the pacific campaigns. I keep trying to start a single career in full auto DCG replacement mode, starting with Tulagi. I can't see how I can affect the war however. My stated victory condition as the US is to take Tulagi depot, and every mission keeps being to fly a sweep over Tulagi Depot. Every time I go there I shoot up some AA guns, sometimes a truck or two, or whatever is there. Then on the next mission, there is no real change in lines, no messages of advancement, or anything of that sort. It just keeps giving me the same mission over and over.


My question is - how can most effectively advance the war effort? What conditions must be met for our lines to advance forward? Is there anyway to get more information - like what ground units were doing, where they moved, what they killed - etc. How do enemy and friendly plane losses factor in to the overall progress of the war?


Feeling a bit lost using the DCG as to what is expected of me to "win", any help would be appreciated.

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I just had a quick view into the files for the gudal map means Tulagi42.

I never checked the PTO campaigns however each DCG campaign works and ends basically the same way.


The war begins at Tulagi_Depot location. As soon as a side conquers (tanks) this location, it will be able to spawn by a chance of 1/3 (?) columns from there to move to enemy direction.

Your task in order to advance has to be the support of your troops in any kind.

- destroy local defense weapons which could prevent your tanks from moving ahead. A front location like Tulagi Depot, spawns always 3 anti tank guns for each side.

- control and check the roads leading to Tulagi Depot from the enemy side and destroy tank columns already in their advance movement to the front.

- prevent enemy bombers or fighter bombers attacking your support roads/lines/routes, in order to get most of your columns to reach the front.

- tip: since Il2 4.11 the bombs got castrated and dropped bombs must hit a tank rather close. Make bombers veteran skill to give them a chance hitting and destroying tanks.

- if you are flying as fighter, equip yourself with bombs and support the  troops as multi purpose fighter

- make your own mind and step away from your task given in the briefing when needed and suitable.

- use home flights for low recon flights to get knwoledge of the enemy support routes.


To win the Tulagi campaign you will have to reach either Tulagi_Beach or Townsville Airfield (assuming you play as blue) or reach Tulagi or Rabaul Airfield (assuming you play as red).

To get a slight overview check the file allcampaigns.dcg and look for Tulagi. The routes for your campaign are written in guadal.rds/srd files in the data folder, open the files with a basic text editor. However you maybe loose the "magical" feeling when you start sneeking into the files. Sometimes I wish I would have never done it :rolleyes:




Since Il2 1946 v 4.11 DCG campaigns got even tougher.

DCG sustains on ground war basically, means tanks are the ones that move the front.

Tanks are the most valuable vehicle but are also the most tough vehicles  to destroy.

Most campaigns were written before 4.09, in which you were able to destroy a complete tank column by a single SC250kg bomb. As the effectivness of bombs changed dramatically, the game balance changed aswell in this belongs.


In 4.09 AI did a lot of the "ground moving war" for a human pilot, right now the pilot is more challenged.

So adjust the AI skill of your "ground movers" to veteran if you would like to expect at least some kind of support and results by AI ground attacks. ;)




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Interesting, thank you for that informative post.


What files do I open to see this information?

As much as it ruins the magic, I like knowing how the game mechanic works so I can direct my efforts efficiently - the challenge is flying the aircraft!


As far as reaching townsville.... These locations are actualy off the map. Does this mean it is theoretically impossible to reach these positions? Especially consider this is an island and we are talking about ground forces..

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You will find the files in your folder of DCG/Data or DCG/Masters

The Data folder contains all files to generate the routes like roads: abc.rds, ship routes: abc.srd, train rails: abc.rls task force: abc.prd. You will aswell find the allcampaigns.dcg file, which contains the initial given frontline created by already occupied locations at the beginning of a camapign.


As long as the locatons are offmap airfields like Townsville you will have to conquer Tulagi_Beach.

Obviously you cant conquer offmap airfields.

Offmap airfields were introduced to create a solution for e.g. bombers to airstart like in PTO or at maps with just few airfields.

As you need at least one airfield as main airfield, called DeBase/RuBase in the allcampaigns.dcg file to create a camapign and a carrier is not meant to be a liable airfield for beeing used as DeHome/RuHome.


Each side got a "home base", a main airfield (DeBase/RuBase) which ,when will be conquered, ends the campaign.

However,the priority target  in most campaigns is to conquer the main depot (DeHome/RuHome) of a side like here: Tulagi_Beach (blue) or Tulagi (red).



You will find the location to conquer and thus to win the campaign for your side at the end or the beginning of each missions briefing

sth like "our troops have to conquer xyz...."

Some camapigns got more dedicated winning conditions like a certain given location to reach, sinking an amount of certain ships, destroy a certain percentage of objects or hold location xyz up to a given date.

However you will find aswell theses winning conditions in the briefing of each mission and in the endcampaigns.dcg file, if there is a dedicated winning condition for your camapign.


Once again, all needed information for a campaign to win,are given in the briefing at first.

Sneeking into the files is not needed to gain more info to win the campaign but to understand how a camapign is created and how to write an own campaign.


You will aswell find an old document, but still valid in most aspect, in the download section , created by Tailspin.

It gives an overview of how a campaign works.

I created for our group a pdf document as quick reference/guidline for DCG campaign (download menu), unfortunately it is in german.

However it contains all infos aswell given in Tialspins document, just more concentrated, like a FAQ.

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