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JG1 Membership Application


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  • What is your Name?: IGN is Georg-Christian2


What is your Timezone?: UTC/GMT -5 hours (New Orleans)


What sims are you currently flying? I am currently flying Rise Of Flight


How did you hear about JG1? I was looking on the Rise Of Flight forum, in the virtual squadrons list


Do you have a joystick or HOTAS? I have a logitech 3d Extreme Pro joystick, it has served me well for some time


Do you have TrackIR or use FreeTrack? no, over the month that I have been playing I have been fine with the joystick hat


Do you have TeamSpeak3, as well as a working microphone? I do not have teamspeak, but if needed, I can get that. As for the microphone, the built in microphone has served me well until now.


Is there anything else that you feel we should know about you?: I am a person that follows flight orders very well (probably due to my military father) So i do not have a problem just flying as a wingman to cover my superior while he makes an attack on the enemy. That said, I am a very honorable fighter, strafing a downed and or taking off or landing pilot etc. are in my opinion very dishonorable, tell me if i need to strafe, I will do it, dont order me to, i wont.

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