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FIFXXIb testing this week!


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Hi All,


Flanders In Flames XXIb is fast approaching!  Full tournament start is slated for the week of July 15th / July 18th! 


This week, however, we have two test missions.


The first is on Wednesday, July 8th at 9:00PM EDT (1:00AM GMT).  This will be hosted on the No.42 Squadron server:


The second is on Saturday, July 11th at 2:00PM EDT (6:00PM GMT).  This will be hosted on the Jasta 99 server:


For both of these tests, it's recommended that you arrive early.


The servers should start approximately 15 minutes prior to mission start!


Also, please make sure to get your Team's TeamSpeak information!  Red Team's TeamSpeak is hosted by JG1.  Blue Team's TeamSpeak is hosted by No.42.


This information is located on the JG1 boards, within your specific Team area.  The server passwords will be passed out via TeamSpeak prior to mission launch.


Regarding team numbers, there still may be some adjustments needed.  We'll have a much better idea as to what we're looking at after this week.


Looking forward to having the chance to fly with you all!


Should anyone have any questions, just let me know.



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