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A big thank-you to all involved with FiF


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S! all,


I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone involved in Flanders in Flames for a great first tournament experience.


- Thanks to the guys who let me fly their wing and were patient with me when I didn't understand some things. It was a pleasure to tag along, even if I didn't do much good. :lol::)

- Thanks to the guys who tirelessly put together all of our OPORDs and coordinated Red Team overall.  Without you, we would probably have been a disorganized mess! :)

- Thanks to my parents for making time for me to participate in this tournament. Love you both so much!!! :)

- Thanks to the guys who taught me how to use some of these Entente planes that I wasn't familiar with before. It was challenging, but fun! :)


I had a wonderful time despite the fact that we got beat. Now...when's the next one? :lol:




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