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My visit to Duxford (IWM) and proto modern JG1 (actually JG71)


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A long time ago I remember going to London when I was 7, went to the Duxford air museum (aka the IWM), was amazing. I cannot remember it sadly!


But after I went to Germany and went to the airbase of the modern Jagdgeschwader 1, well sort of, it was actually JG71 but they are called Richthofen as an honorary title. At this time they were still flying updated F-4 Phantoms.


I'm trying to get photos coughed up from my mother as I know she as a lot. I'll post an imgur album from.


One of my far cousins is actually a member of JG1.


Hopefully I will have some photos.


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Update on the photos. My mom has them on a photo disk, which is ancient tech from the mid 2000's. She has no idea where they are so it could be years before they surface. The only photos I have of the trip are family photos, nothing to do with the IWM or JG1.

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