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Warbird collection


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Sadly haven't had a chance to pull my warbird models down from my garage to do anything. But I am in theory gonna get my Fokker flying and I plan on recovering it to look like mine in RoF that Kempf made for me. (Thank you so much!) 

However these are some old and a fairly new Lego models of some pretty familiar warbirds among ourselves.




Still want that new Fokker Dr.I that they never made :(

Think I may try out some old Lego CAD programs and see if I can piece together any Luftwaffe planes to possibly make.. hmmm.  :blink:

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Very cool!  I didn't know that Lego made aircraft.


Yeah, the two, obvious older, are from 2001 I think. The new Camel is from 2013 I think. Never made a remake of the Fokker :(


They made a Wright Flyer around the same time, I sort of have half of one. My mom bought it w/o any knowledge and didn't get a full model so its useless. :(

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