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Help Debugging IL-2


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I am testing a 3rd party campaign in Full Auto Gen and Replace DGEN with DCG mode and I get this issue:


The 1st mission of the campaign I select generated successfully. I flew the mission, and generated a few more. However, as soon as I make a change in the DCG user interface, my plane explodes after that mission is generated. I checked int he dcgerror.txt about found nothing. Any ideas?

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Yes, I was testing a new campaign last night and found the exact same thing happens when a squadron spawns that doesn't exist in the game.  For example, I had USMC_VMF_224z in the squadids.dcg file but it should have been USMC_VMF_224A.  When ever it appeared, I (and every other plane) blew up.

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Now I have another problem I can't even begin to understand. After I generate the 1st mission of a campaign successfully - the second mission, my aircraft and all the others blowup.  :huh:


I reset the campaign and reinstalled DCG and it seems all is well - with the Bf-109E4N. I will have to see if the Do-217 or Bf-109F0 is the issue. It was the DC-3.

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