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Trench attack


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In FiF XXIII, we had the Surprise attack mission. The Red team completed this mission quite often while the Blue team often passed on this. That leads me to think it was only marginally successful as a mission design. It was included because it added some ships and we needed a twelfth mission.


For most maps we have a crater filled No Man's land. By moving the AAA fence to the center of the mud (suggested by TM Fritz Flipitz), targets can now be placed on the trenches. The Surprise attack is replaced by the Trench attack.




 A look at the Front line Attack  or Trench attack

This mission is secondary to Capture the General.

When the capture plane returns safely the General is interogated. He says nothing.

He does have a dispatch case. Here, plans are found for a build up along the trenches.

There are four different posible attack points on the front line

A plane labeled FLB must fly over the Attack Point at 500 meters or less to activate the target.

That will spawn 1 machine guns and 3 units of running horses and guns.

The initial subtitle will be seen after landing with the General and getting the General complete subtitle.


The trench attack point location message repeats in the usual display.




There are four possible attack Points along the trenches.


You can see the  Eyelash trench icon on the map. You must pick the plane labeled FLB to do this mission. For this example we have a Roland.





Location identifier is a group of crates and some trucks. These identify only the location. They are not the target.




When the plane labeled FLB comes within 500 meters the targets will spawn.  1 machine gun and 3 Horse units.




When all four targets are killed, you get a complete subtitle.



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