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  1. S! All We now begin the second half of Phase B. Blue team will be flying Entente and Red team will be flying Central. We have had several good fights and not just with the scout planes. Two seaters on both sides have proven very dangerous. Let the bombs drop and the bullets fly. Good luck to ALL.
  2. S! All The server will be getting an upgrade at 1:30 am on 20, June, 2019. TS may be down until 10 or 11 am or whenever I fell like getting up in the morning.
  3. Uhm , I thought it was for the new X-Box. Wonder what it will be like using a game pad for control?
  4. S! I use a single mission start for all missions. When the mission starts I have it do almost all random selections. There are about 30 initial counters staggered at about 3 seconds each. For FiF many things are are spawned and then removed after a target is killed. Most of the time there are less than 60 linked entities active. Occasionally there may be several AAA guns activates as people go close to Balloons or front line areas. Most of the time we do not exceed 80 entities. Somewhere in the IL2 forums there is a thread about limiting AI depending on the number of players. It either allows AI to spawn or deletes them when a certain number of players are present. That was a year ago I think. The counter posted earlier is easily modified to count large numbers. That first counter on each side is set to 1 and the reset box is checked. It counts each individual event linked to it. Just change that counter to 2. It then takes two events to count up or down. That means it takes 40 events to move only 20 units up or down. Be sure to select the appropriate out put for the number you want. It is easy to count players spawning but what about players that leave the server. How do you know how many are still in? What about a player that gets shot down and respawns? Ten players could look like forty in a very short time. Seriously, I would limit the number of AI planes to under 10 at any one time. IL2 does not like a lot of AI planes. They are resource intensive and slow the program down. Sorry this was not very helpful.
  5. S! All Update is out Many bugs fixed. FM modified for FC. enjoy
  6. Hi


    Uhm do you have links for War Grounds and Cubans stats pages?

    1. HotleadColdfeet
    2. HotleadColdfeet


      You can still submit claims for things the server doesn't give credit for, i.e. forcing a plane to ditch. 

  7. S! All phase A session 4. We had some glitches. The off toad convoy is not working as expected. Both teams had problems finding it. Etzel suggested have them run in a circle instead of all over the sector. I like that as well as changing the location message to "Off road convoy in sector 6.B" Adding the A,B,C,D at the end narrows it down a bit and makes it more specific. Blue team killed the recon secondary but it did not register. The target was not linked to the victory counter. Corrected. We now start phase B. Blue team is Central and Red team is Entente. Plane set is advanced. Good luck ALL.
  8. S! Congratz Vonrd and Loopy. Well done. Sincerely, Your buddy, Flak magnet.
  9. S! Good reason to start drinking. I talked with Deciman and AnKor and the photo recon thing from RoF will not go in IL2/FC. Deciman has tried and failed. He sent me a copy of the project and links to the programs to work with it. I examined it and understand it. I also understand that it would take me a year of tutorials and practice projects to even get close to the basics of what they have done. So looks like we are back to complex triggers for recons.
  10. S! Yes, there was a problem counting down at 11 to 10. I also increased the delay between mission start and the input timer sequence. The inputs were being activated before the array was set. I added some extra deactivations to the timers. It then worked as expected. I went back and added the uoutput timers you had started to put in. Each one is connected to a subtitle. The subtitle displays the timer number. If you switch from your map to screen you can see the icon on the map and then the subtitle on the playing screen. Also, I think I changed the player plane you had. Sorry. Very easy to just delete the orange translator icons to get rid of them. It will not affect the output timers. counteer redo.zip
  11. On another note, The attached file is an up down counter. The triggers are complex triggers. These could be changed to a different type of input trigger if you want. The output is the orange translator icon in the center. This array displays the status of a parameter in real time in the game by activating or deactivating the icon. The icon name is the output parameter text. The icons could be changed to timers and the timers could be linked to the output that you want. You would have to replace the translator icons with individual timers. Like the timers on the outside of the array, they would have to be deactivated at the start. They would then all have to be hit by a timer after the array has activated the desired timer.Basically the up and down counter would be linked to a timer set to 2 seconds. This timer would connect or hit all output timers. Only the timer activated by the array would do anything. The array starts at zero or an initial status and can count up 20 events. After a positive or up event detected it can count down when a negative or down event is detected. 1. input event detected 2. deactivate initial output. 3. Initial output or what happens at zero. 4. Activate the output from a positive event. 5. Positive event output. 6. Count down timer activated by 4 is now ready to receive count down input. 7. Same as 2 but for next positive input. Was labeled by mistake. 8. Timer for next positive input activated by 4. Count down side works the same way. This array was made for Kliegmann to display a specific parameter in game for constant monitoring of a status such as factory output or supply column resupply. At this point I have not needed such an array so I have not modified it for other output. attached file is this array. counter up down.zip
  12. The recon logic for RoF is a flash script made by AnKor85. It does not work for IL2 or FC. The Logic he need is what Kliegmann is doing for IL2.
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