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  1. S! All Thanks for helping on Dry Run. Several problems were identified and corrected. A few other things were modified to use fewer complex triggers. It should run smoother.
  2. Thanks all Fixed bridges. Fixed the factory 1 floating buildings. Changed aerodrome icon to Building Icon labeled Aerodrome. Will do new maps. At this time Icons remain on the map after object destroyed.
  3. S! All Getting ready for The event. Recent updates to fix the Damage Model in Flying Circus means we will try using FC for the event. While RoF offers more planes and maps, FC is seen as the future of WW I flight sims. Calendar will be posted soon. Expect a test run in two weeks. A sample mission is running on the JG1 server. Plane set is not set in stone at this time. Info will be updated very soon,, Please visit the sign up page if you want to participate.
  4. S! all JG1 server will be down for a little over 24 hours for power supply upgrades. Should be back up by noon on 12, August.
  5. S! to all our friends in Canada. Enjoy the holiday.
  6. Standard practice map that has been running all week. The original map was much larger and made for a 3 hour mission. We shortened the map and cut the time to 2 hours.
  7. S! ALL This week we start Phase B. Blue team will be Allied and Red team will be Axis. Tank battle areas are reset to the original positions. We are still using the compact map with HQs and airfields moved closer.
  8. Rotaries did not go away. With better metals for cooling, rotaries became radials. It is the exact same mechanical design only the body of the engine is bolted to the plane and the prop is on the crank shaft. Over the years new valve arrangements were developed.
  9. S! All For session 3, in the middle battle area the 3 flags are all out in the open. There are no landmarks to help you find them. So, a building with a tower was placed in the vicinity of the North and South flags.
  10. 4.6o1 is ready Lots of good stuff. Info here. I had to delete my update folder tp get it to install.
  11. S!,

    I've been moderately ill and struggling with that since early March.  Got to the point (early April) where I needed to force an intervention with brief hospitalization, (fortunately did not require intensive care.) Now, back home and recovering. Attempting to organize digestive system & brain cells. Hopefully, I'll be up to some flying / tank crew stuff in a few days.


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    2. Butzzell



      So glad to hear you are getting better.  I have heard so much about rampant covid in Ontario, I became very worried.

      Take it easy. One day at a time and soon it will be over.


      Will tell Horse  and Nell the good news.

    3. Dudley


      Hi Gents, - Thanks for messages. I'm certainly on the mend and hopefully soon can do some theuraputic online activities. S!

    4. Klaiber


      @Dudley, I'm so glad to hear that you're on the mend!  As Vonrd and Butzzell mentioned, we were worried about you.  Please take as much time as you need.  We can't wait to see you again, but we completely understand the need to concentrate on the important stuff.  Get well!

  12. S! All This Saturday is the last Dry Run before hostilities begin. Some changes F2 functionality will be removed. It was accidently on in the first dry-run. The commander tank is a resource drain. It has been removed. Right now, all flags are pure capture. We added new aircraft for people without Bodenplatte: the Bf 109F-4 (BOS) and the Yak-1 series 69 (BOS) Because Red team has few people in tanks, air and ground battle-zones will now be restricted to just one sector at a time. Once a sector is captured by a team, the game will select another sector to open. It will keep doing this until all sectors have been claimed. This can be changed back in the future. We added an extra wooden bridge in the Northern sector to allow crossing if the stone bridge is destroyed. Despite the request, we will not add the free tanks. There are too many bugs. I've added a Blue Team section to JG1's TS. Everyone recheck your whispers! Tank spawn defenses have been widened. This will be Dead is Dead for pilots. This will give us info on plane numbers.
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