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JG1 Application


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Timezone: PST

Controlers: TM Warthog, TrackIR, Crosswind Pedals, Vive

Teamspeak: Yep! Discord too.

Sims: DCS, IL2 (of course), RoF (bit rusty). Also dabble in ARMA 3 quite a bit. Currently a Star Citizen too.


How did you hear about JG1?

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away (Mid 00s!), in the original IL2, back when it was installed with this thing called "CD-ROMs" and modem squeal was required to get online and TrackIR was a new a wonderful thing, I was a member who went by Helmut. School at the time and other things made me refocus my attention elsewhere, and once again, what was once old, is now new again. Getting tired of flying around by myself. I remember a lot of things, but I know I've probably forgotten more. I might drag another along with me at some point, but let me try on this old shoe and see where it goes. :)


I never did finish that old video.... 

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