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DGC 3.48 Issue creating campaigns


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1946  4.12.2  I can start some campaigns,    German  Barbarossa,   try to do USN Coral Sea, Midway, etc,    hit generate button in game,   does nothing

Same gos for alot of different campaigns/services.   Last one was :


[2017/09/03 22:23:38.865] Parameter String0 = C:\il2dcg348\il2dcg.exe
[2017/09/03 22:23:38.865] DCG.ini processed.
[2017/09/03 22:23:38.865] Loaded messages processed.
[2017/09/03 22:23:38.865] Game version checked [1946].
[2017/09/03 22:23:38.865] Game version includes IL2AEP [True].
[2017/09/03 22:23:38.865] Game version successfully set up.
[2017/09/03 22:23:38.880] Mission Button Enabled.
[2017/09/03 22:23:38.880] Player Name Checked.
[2017/09/03 22:23:38.943] Universal Paints Initialized.
[2017/09/03 22:23:38.959] Description Determined.
[2017/09/03 22:23:38.959] Ship Info processed.
[2017/09/03 22:23:39.21] Campaign Data Files = C:\il2dcg348\Data\
[2017/09/03 22:23:39.21] Campaign Backup Files = C:\il2dcg348\Backup\Wake41_UM\
[2017/09/03 22:23:39.84] Campaign Info processed.
[2017/09/03 22:23:39.84] Target Locations processed.
[2017/09/03 22:23:39.84] Patrol Area check has reset the Minimum Action Radius to 250 Kilometers.
[2017/09/03 22:23:39.84] Read Territory information.
[2017/09/03 22:23:39.84] Set Target Nation Began.
[2017/09/03 22:23:39.84] Set Target Nation Ended.
[2017/09/03 22:23:39.84] Checking Stationary List
[2017/09/03 22:23:39.209] Stationary Objects Check.
[2017/09/03 22:23:39.209] Initialize Campaign.
[2017/09/03 22:23:39.209] Form Create Complete

Any help appreciated

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On occasion,  when it does work, I have to select squadron  <none>    this works sometimes.  I have a campaign  german, barbarossa,   now it says no campaign active if I select this and fly then go to DCG


I started a new one  Med 1941 , german   had to select squadron = <none>    ,  the Barbarossa campaign still shows in game, and will let me select and fly,  but when I open DCG  IT SAYS NO ACTIVE CAMPAIGN


Win 10,   fresh nstall, patched to 4.12.2

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Ok,   Have the 3.49 Beta.   Was having some issues  with even running game in Win 10.   I had copied my install from a Win 7 computer, that worked fine.   Then issues with US campaigns started.

Then I had issues even getting the game to run.   Have resolved that issue of running  IL2  due to a NCD.exe.   It seems that it works fine in Win 7 with 3.47, and Win 10 w/ 3.47.   I'm not sure what happened to US campaigns, but It may have been related to a WIn 10 update, and the NCD.exe.


Now, game works fine, new install from GOG.    4.13.4M    ,  ran  IL@  quick mission, all is well.   Installed DCG il2dcg349beta14.   Selected USN, Coral sea Campaign.  Followed instructions, selected, did not hit start.

Went back to DCG  and hit generate mission.   Got an error, says need to select a campaign, even though Coral Sea shows in DCG splash gfx.   Go back to IL2, hit start,   Screen shows about 20 lines  pilot career on left, pilot name on right, looks like it may be scrolling.  Game is locked up, need to stop it in task manager.


Also,  in mode, picked full auto generation before I hit start in IL2


Any 1 have any ideas ?

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