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Ship in the column.dcg error

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I'm making my own campaign from scratch with the help of Lonestar's "How to make a 3rd party DCG campaign from scratch".


So far I've made a rds-, srd-, mis-, allcampaign-, endcampaign, maps- and timetable-file. And added a few other files according to Lonestar's guide.


I did not add a column file and yey I get the following error when I want to start the campaign in Il-2:


[2017/12/11 21:13:13.733] There is a ship in the column.dcg file in a campaign with no ships. Please remove the ship from the column.dcg file to continue.


How do I best remedy this?

There is a ship in the mis-file.


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Well sounds a bit off context, but just delete the ship off your column.dcg.

Either in the column.dcg itself (text editor) or via dcg gui.


If that doesent work send me the campaign and I correct it for you.

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