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MLR and DCG.ini and log date/time


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A bit of background info:

Flying a coop DCG campaign in HSFX on the Western Front map and using MLR to get post-mission reports (See here for an example).

I've been trying to refine MLR and have managed to get it to recognize large german convoys such as...

100_Chief Vehicles.GrKolonne 2 @Blank $GrKolonne_100
101_Chief Vehicles.GrKolonneHT 2 @Aachen_Depot $GrKolonneHT_101
102_Chief Vehicles.GrKolonneFuel 2 @Blank $GrKolonneFuel_102


These columns are quite large and MLR 'reports' on them after a mission.


I've also managed to get a 2D Western Front map to be displayed by MLR although I can only load it via the Browse option in MLR.


I'm trying to figure out why MLR doesn't seem to read the cache files.  While the player who is hosting gets specific details shown in MLR, the other players do not.


e.g.  The host MLR will show a specific vehicle name such as PzIVJ whereas the other players will see simply Chief(0) or similar.  The host MLR will have bullet stats etc whereas the other players may or may not have it.


What has this to do with dcg.ini?  To be honest I'm not sure.  I'm grabbing at straws to try and understand how MLR does what it does (i.e. I know it reads the eventlog and uses its own chiefs.ini file etc). 

I've noticed in the eventlog.txt that the date/time seems to be off but I'm not sure where dcg.ini grabs that info.

For example;

We flew on Wednesday 14 Feb 2018 at approx 2100hr EST. 

The eventlog.txt shows this regarding the mission start info:  

[15.02.2018 2:24:22] Mission: net/coop/DCG/ETO_USFighter194410240.mis is Playing
14:00:00 Mission BEGIN

As you can see the date is OK and we did start after 2100hr EST after some delay.  The 1400hr is the in-game 'historical' mission start time.

I'm a bit confused as to the 2:24:22 time.  Where does that come from?  Is that GMT?  If so why is it GMT and can I configure DCG to use local time?


I'm just wondering if that timing may perhaps be affecting how MLR reads/reports the data.  Within MLR itself there is an option to read cache files (it is the preferred option) and yet MLR does not appear to read those files as the briefing is never displayed (UNLESS you are the host). 


Again, kinda grabbing at straws but would appreciate any suggestions.



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