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TnS Wen Jan 13


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We'll be running Tank'N Spank again tonight (Wednesday, 13 January) during North American times - 9PM EST / 2AM UTC.


To check out your stats after a mission, head here: http://stats.jg1.org:8000/en/


And to join us on comms, feel free to sign up to our event Discord: https://discord.gg/QZyWYEp



Brief update as TnS evolves.


We had a lot of server overload messages on last Sunday. One third of targets have been removed. There are now only two tank battle areas.  Door nocker anti tank guns out in the fields have been removed. A couple of anti tank guns at the flag have also been removed. Live entities have been brought down from 245 to about 160. This should get rid of the overload. (famous last words)


We have been trying to get the heavy tanks in without having them overpower everything.  In the past, the heavys were limited to two of each with a one hour respawn. That is still the case but.... we are going to tie the availability to spawn heavy tanks to a new target, the ammo dump. This is the supplier of ammo for the heavy tanks. Destroy the ammo dump and Heavy tanks will not be available at the spawn point. It is a vert dangerous target for airplanes. The target has only two AAA guns. The target is very small and will be a low altitude bomber target.


The supply depot no longer repairs the HQ. If the HQ is destroyed, it stays destroyed. The supply depot repairs the Ammo Dump. Destroy the Ammo dump and the supply depot sends out a repair convoy. If the Ammo dump is repaired, heavy tanks will be available. If the convoy is destroyed, the supply depot sends out another after 30 minutes.


If the supply depot is destroyed, it can not send out a convoy. The supply depot repairs 30 minutes after being destroyed. If the ammo depot is in a destroyed condition, the supply depot sends out a repair convoy.


This sounds bit complex but just takes a bit of play to see how it works.  


If the ammo dump creates too much attention to a single attack area and we end up with a quake spot, it will be re-evaluated.


Please note the re-fuel airfields on the map. No planes are available here but planes can land and re-fuel and re-arm.  You can take these out by bombing the oil drums.


The map for tonight is the Rhineland map  summer.




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