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Tank 'N Spank 24 Jan


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S! All


This Sundays'  TnS will be a variation of









          The cities on the map have armies all around. Not wishing to offend either side they have raised both flags. This will not help them. Your job is to go into the city and tear down that enemy flag to conquer  liberate the city. The map sis the same one used in the ammo area description above with one minor difference. The flags are not at the spawn locations. The flags are in the center of town. A white marker in the city designates the flag location. A  Red and Blue line is placed to show where the capture zones come together. Spawn points are protected by AT guns that can not be destroyed.


Actual start time is 2:00 pm. Server will come up at 1:45 pm Eastern North American time. This is to let people spawn in, check loadout, and discuss tactics with team mates. Planes may taxi into position on runway. Tanks may pull forward a couple of lengths to be sure others have room to spawn. A flare will mark start time.



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