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TIF2021 "Spring Campaign" Map


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TIF 2021 "Spring Campaign" Map:

TIF 2021 "Spring Campaign" is a completely fictitious event with little historical precedent.

The default IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Bodenplatte map is used.  Specifically, the combat area west of Münster (within the modern day state North Rhine-Westphalia).

This is a region of the Western Front that, historically, saw fierce fighting between the Western Allies and Nazi Germany.  Münster was heavily garrisoned by the Germans during World War II, and was repeatedly bombed by the USAAF.  Historically, Münster was eventually liberated by U.S. and British forces on 2 April 1945.

The plane-set for this map will be late 1944 / early 1945.  The Allies are in the West.  The Axis are in the East.

Note that there are two airbases per side - Soesterberg and Schijndel for the Allies in the West, and Handorf and Sortmund for the Axis in the East.

Both the Allies and Axis have Forward Landing Fields, underlined in yellow.

The Allied Forward Landing Field is at Nijmegen (GRID 1117).  The Axis Forward Landing Field is at Coesfeld (GRID 1026).  It is possible to rearm, refuel and repair your aircraft at a Forward Landing Field.  However, there is no aircraft spawning there.  Forward Landing Fields can also be temporarily knocked out by destroying every oil drum present.


Allied-oriented Map:

Note that blue is friendly and red is enemy.



Axis-oriented Map:

Note that blue is friendly and red is enemy.


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