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Tanks In Flames Objectives (for IL-2 Great Battles)


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TIF Objectives:

The objective of TIF is to capture enemy territories (tank bases).

Capturing an enemy tank base will require cooperation between ground and air units, as the actual capture process is a three part mechanism.  These three parts may be accomplished in any order, but all three must be true at the same time for victory to occur.

The three parts to territorial capture are:

  1. Moving your tanks into the combat area, and physically controlling at least two of the three white flag markers located there.
    • Control means actually holding the flags with your forces and having the flags display your in-game coalition's banner.
  2. Moving a "commander tank" up to the combat area, and have them prime the same two flags you control for capture.
    • Priming a flag does not equal controlling a flag.
    • A command tank can prime a flag for capture at any time by driving near a flag.
    • Nor does the command tank need to control the flag to prime it.
    • A flag primed for capture will always be shown with a blue marker.
  3. Having your air units destroy the enemy headquarters (HQ) associated with the enemy tank base you wish to capture.

With these three things accomplished and true, the enemy tank base will be taken.

However, as previously stated, all three of these conditions must be true simultaneously in order to secure victory.

. . .

An example of territorial capture:

Flags are shown on the map as white markers.  White flag markers start with no name and no color.

Once a team takes control of a white flag marker, a text will appear showing who claims it - Allies or German.

If the Allies control the flag marker, a yellow color patch will appear over it, supplementing the "Allies" text overhead.

If the Axis control the flag marker, a green color patch will appear over it, supplementing the "German" text overhead.

Remember, any tank can change the flag.  And an enemy can come in at any time and take the flag back.


Part 1 - Axis Offensive:

The Axis have just pushed into the town of Wesel (the current combat area) and have claimed the south-eastern flag, changing it to green with "German" overhead.



Part 2 - Axis Commander:

Now look at the south-eastern flag.

The blue circle the lines marker (eye lash) indicates that the Axis have just pushed up with a commander tank, and that this commander tank has primed the controlled flag by driving near it.

Once the commander tank enters the flag's circle, it is primed for the whole session.  This priming will never go away!


In a larger view of the region, we can see a flag counter now saying:  Allies 0 / Germans 1.

This means that the Germans now have primed 1 flag within the combat area.



Part 3 - Axis Offensive Continues:

Marching on, the Axis now take another flag in the south-west. 

The south-west flag turns green, and gets "German" written above it because it is now in Axis control.

And because a commander tank moved in at the same time, the flag is primed simultaneously.  Notice the blue circle is now bigger, and there are two lines markers (eye lashes).


Pulling out again to see the region, we now see the flag counter has changed: Allies 0 / Germans 2.

Two flags controlled by Axis forces.  Two flags primed by a commander tank.  The texts and color patches act as a reminder as to your progress.



Part 4 - Wesel Under Axis Control:

The Axis now control three flags (three greens)!  And each have been primed by a commander tank!  Notice the blue circle is now even bigger, and there are three lines markers (eye lashes).

Why have they not won?!

Well, the Axis bomber was shot down before it reached the Allied HQ, and the enemy headquarters associated with this territory is still up.

All three of these conditions must be true simultaneously in order to secure victory.



Part 5 - Allied Offensive:

The Allies are fighting back and have taken a flag.  The south-western flag now has a yellow color patch and says Allies over it.

Notice that there is only one blue circle on the map.

This is because we're seeing things from the Allied perspective, and they've only been able to prime this one flag with their own commander tank.



Part 6 - Allied Offensive Continues:

The Allies are on a roll!  They now control a second flag.

In fact, they've been able to bring their commander tank up to prime it for capture.

Notice the regional flag counter now says: Allies 2 / Germans 1.

The text markers  and color patches at the flags confirm which flags belong to which team.

The Allies are now on the verge of victory! 

But they have not captured the territory yet because the Axis HQ associated within this region is still up.



Part 7 - Allied Victory:

The Allied bomber makes it to the Axis HQ and destroys it.

This is the last piece the Allies need in order to take the Axis tank base and capture Wesel.

The Allies are victorious!




Flags have the ability to change back and forth from enemy to friendly.  Their ability to do this is unlimited.

The blue circle indicating that a commander tank has primed a flag is permanent.

Once the territory is captured the front-line shows the advancement and this specific battle is over.

The colors of yellow (Allies) and green (Axis) were chosen because they do not appear on the default map and are not regularly used by mission builders.

An example of a headquarters (HQ). The targets that must be bombed are the black buildings around the inside.


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