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DCS SALE same day... what a coincidence


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Not be outdone.... DCS announced their "Summer Sale" today.  

That and along with the F4U getting closer...  the funny thing about the Corsair is that it really doesn't have a cockpit deck. When we bought the P-51 we really wanted the F4U but there were fewer of them around.  HP if you have seen that on the tail, was Howard Pardue a SWA captain and the history of him and that machine are kinda famous (make that infamous) in South Texas.... but I will spare those stories because I wasn't there.  Still, we were talking with him and getting the load on the airplane in general... it is a hydraulic nightmare, I think 14 sequence valves. They told us even the guns cocked hydraulically though I never confirmed that. The crazy thing was that if you were climbing in the seat, and your keys fell out of your pocket (it ain't easy) they fall down basically inside the wing.... not that I know anything about that. So then you spend time with a mech and a coat hanger trying to retrieve them.  If you look closely at the picture you can see that your chair sits on rails with nothing in between or outside.  No doubt you have read about the visibility issues over that LONG long nose, they are correct, you can't see anything and having a mech or lineman riding on the wing down the end of the runway is really needed. 


26 June 2021


Dear Fighter Pilots, Partners and Friends,

Our Summer Sale is in full swing and we are thrilled to announce that the Steam sale is also live and will run until the 8th of July. Enjoy up to 50% discount on most of our modules and campaigns. Check them out.

Leatherneck Simulations have been working hard on their next aircraft, the DCS: F4U-D Corsair. Their current efforts are focused mostly on finalising the cockpit. Take a look at their development screenshots below.

Our partners at Heatblur Simulations have made notable progress to DCS: F-14A/B Tomcat. The latest Open Beta includes improved aircraft arresting physics and new carrier burble effects, bringing this fabulous aircraft one step closer to its final version.

We are pleased to announce that DCS: C-101 Aviojet by Aegres has moved to final release state. This module is feature complete and we encourage you to check out what Aegres Media has in store for you next. In Development Screenshots.

Thank you for your passion and support.


Yours sincerely,

Eagle Dynamics Team


DCS: F4U-D Corsair

Development Report

F4U-D Corsair - 1

The F4U-1 is one of the few aircraft without sidewalls and a floor. Because of this, many of the Corsair’s vital components are exposed. Using manufacture drawings and original aircraft as references, the vast majority of panels, cables, pipes, and switches have been recreated to a high degree of detail.

Each area has been checked in VR to ensure that nothing a pilot would see is missing. Updates and texture adjustments to the cockpit model are in final development.

F4U-D Corsair - 2

Systems development is also largely completed. Hydraulics, electrics, and basic weapon systems are operational, and Leatherneck Simulations will continue to tune them as tests proceed. The AN/ARC-5 Radio and navigation equipment tests were completed earlier this spring.

The decision to add the AN/ARC-1 radio set is still pending. Smaller items such as the oxygen equipment and the emergency landing gear extension system are also work in progress.

F4U-D Corsair - 3


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