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  1. Yeeeeouch..... I never did drugs... maybe this is what it feels like when you get some bad stuff..... Now... for me... personally... I am a big (resisted saying Huge) fan of Yuga Wang... and really enjoy her playing... and the outfits she wears... OH MY GOODINESS..... 7" heels were made to go with a Bosendorfer.... OH what would Victor Borge have said???? (21) Crazy encore with Yuja Wang, Ray Chen, Roberto González-Monjas, Andreas Ottensamer and José Gallardo - YouTube Now.... Lola Astanova is pretty good.... but .... not quite to the level of Yuja Wang.
  2. WELL.... she's a REDhead.... so I earn it... believe me... I earn it. DANGER, FIRE, EXPLOSIVE, HARZARDOUS, CORROSIVE, FLAMMABLE, TOXIC, POISON, HIGH VOLTAGE They all have one thing in common...... (she got a wagon for Christmas and loves it)
  3. For some reason my wife decided that she was having allergy problems with the tree so it had to come down immediately after Christmas which was kinda sad for me. It really smelled like a pine tree which is I guess part of the problem. Fortunately she knows that all I really want for Christmas (or birthday or any holiday) is a model airplane so she goes crazy and covers the spread.
  4. Merry Christmas to all.... and praying for strength and guidance in the New Year while thankful all here have stayed healthy.
  5. "Hey whatcha doinMan..... "I'm just watchin TV man.... Watchin TV...??? whatya watchin Man? I don't know.....it's a movie about indians but it's really boring.... Hey Man....that's not a movie Man....that's a TEST PATTERN..... Hey.... far out.......
  6. HAH.... we saw this every night at 11:00 PM when KENS CHANNEL 5 went OFF THE AIR..... and they would play the Star Spangled Banner and then read the poem "High Flight" while showing film of a 104 zooming and rolling through the clouds. Kids today don't know what "going off the air" means.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sGj6deaINxM
  7. .....HEY... it SAYS A$ton Martin..... you probably hit the button under the top of the shifter and ejects your wife out of the house.
  8. I see the wolf from Tex Avery.... another favorite....
  9. I just saw a youtube video showing the Garmin nav setup with the Auto pilot for a C-172.... my ..... goodness... I simply can not imagine. I was ferrying them from ICT with holes in the panels because the new owners would put in their own instruments and radios.... I feel so old... I can only assume that the Garmin is more expensive than the cost of the airplanes I was ferrying back in the 70's. I teach the Garmin 1000 and 3000 and we are up to the software 2.xx load on the 3000... which has the ROAAS, and the EDM which are the two big features (sorry.. ROAAS is Runway Overrun Awaren
  10. Exactly correct, to get a 172 or 152 to spin you must hold it in the spin. The moment you release the controls it will come out. Remember the washout in the wingtip incidence... that was a BIG deal when the plane was produced early on. Spin training was something we all thought SHOULD be taught, just in and of itself.... but it was rare 50 years ago and non-existent now.
  11. ........ or a HOSPITAL........
  12. I have really enjoyed reading this thread and knowing you guys are having so much fun with it. Hey do me a favor and let me know if you find something for a Phenom 100 or 300 (EMB-500, EMB-505) because it is really handy for clients that need to spend some time being familiar with the jet. I have been recommending low time guys to follow this path (they can afford the jet, the sim should be low cost) and it really does help them procedurally and general familiarization. We are seeing guys come through with 500 hours total time getting typed in the jet.... wow......
  13. Vernichtungswahrscheinlichkeit Als Kind spielte meine Familie kein Scrabble, weil wir nicht genug Bindestriche hatten....
  14. Nice seeing the Z-car in the still shot.
  15. Love this sport but have lost interest in it since around 2000 after growing up watching it 1966 on.....
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