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  1. You can try writing to the manufacturer. Back in the old days they were extremely generous in supplying me with spare parts... pots, cables, springs, gimbals... you name it. I asked for one part and they sent me a huge collection of spares. It's worth a try. I am pretty sure that I threw away my old TM stuff... I had the FLCS system but it was PARALLEL and no one wanted it. It sat for years and when I moved I think I gave it the old heave ho... but I bet the pots were the same, maybe the gimbals. Anyway, I will take a look and see if it is in storage.
  2. I will try that thanks
  3. I just loaded the F-16 in DCS and now it crashes to desktop during the load... then I load it again and it gets in the sim and lets you be there for about 15 minutes and then it crashes again. SO... I figure it didn't like something in the F-16.
  4. Thanks for the help, I was guessing in that direction but when I see a hard stop point, repeated three times even I have to stop and think.
  5. Sorry... but I am just too tired to figure this out, so if someone could please help me... I have a STEAM WORLD EDITION loaded on this computer.... I also have a DCS WORLD OPEN BETA loaded on this computer. When I open the STEAM edition, it shows my F-86 as available (but not the F-14) which I also have. When I open the DCS WORLD OPEN BETA it shows both the F-86 and the F-14 which are the only two I have. The F-16c is available and I would like to buy it. It has NOT COMPATIBLE WITH STEAM placarded all over it. Does that mean it will NOT work with the STEAM WORLD but WILL work with the DCS WORLD OPEN BETA? The F-14 works with the DCS OPEN BETA. Thanks in advance... flying the F-16A+ was easier than figuring out the sim. LL
  6. When I was a kid growing up... the guy that lived behind our house was an officer in the Kreigsmarine during the war. I learned of this when I was about 12 and said something to the effect that I wanted to go talk with him about his experience. I was forbidden to bring up the subject or to speak to him on such matters (1968) because … we just didn't talk of such things at that time. I didn't get it, we had family members in most of the branches of service in Germany and that was talked about... it was not a happy thing but it was known... what difference did it make?? 30 years later I said something about how much I regretted never being allowed to speak with him and my Mom said... "Oh for crying out loud... go talk with him... I am surprised he doesn't wear his uniform to the neighborhood meetings." Needless to say I was out the door and gone. He was an engineer (structural) and actually designed the "Tower of the Americas" in San Antonio, TX for the 1968 "Hemis-fair" of the same year. Turned out he was on 4 different U-boots (pronounced BOATS auf Deutsch) the last being aType-XXI. We had several long conversations and he pulled out his hat and badges, and a lot of other memorabilia, pictures... it was quite incredible. He said that when it was learned of his past, the San Antonio Express News newspaper put it on the front page (at the bottom) "Former Nazi Designs Tower" and later he actually found that article from the paper. He had quite a lot to say, but was very emphatic of the lack of belief or understanding that the American government showed at the beginning of the war. "Pauchenschlag" was the initial operation of the U-boots against American shipping on the Eastern seaboard. I had already read the book by Hardigan about this event and he confirmed it, every bit of it. The US never blacked out the Eastern seaboard during the war. They didn't want to traumatize the American people. The American Atlantic tanker fleet was all but wiped out. The ships were silhouetted against the light background and simply could not be missed. The CAP was flying any private airplane it could find to try and spot submarines which was typically enough to drive them away was augmented by forward thinking guys that hung bombs or depth bombs on their planes with more than one making a claim of damaging a U-boot. He told me that they had two guys on board that had grown up in the States and spoke perfect American English and they would nose their boat up on the sand on Long Island at low tide and these two guys would go into town and buy fresh vegetables and a newspaper before returning to the boat. They were close enough to Coney Island to hear the screams of the kids on the roller coasters and passed close enough to pleasure yachts to literally hear the ice tinkle in the glasses and laughter of the revelers onboard. He saw the movie and was extremely insulted and angered by it. The part of the "chief" that panicked particularly made him angry and pronounced the hell that they went through and not one single crew member, officer or enlisted was ever so cowardly. Also, the Hollywood crap about the "party officer" that was onboard he scoffed at terribly and said essentially, they would have pitched him into the sea the first night and that would have been the end of him. The whole time they were sinking the ships, they would lament among themselves, because the crews on those ships never had a chance. They knew that it was war, but many of them considered it basically murder because of this and many felt an ill omen and the thought that this would come back to haunt them. It did. 90%+ of the men serving in the boats was lost. The highest percentage of any military arm during any war. These things are rarely mentioned much less taught in school. I had spoken with people in Galveston that remembered the oil slick washing up on the beach, and in some cases actually seeing the fireball of a burning ship off the coast of Texas. "Torpedoes In The Gulf" is another book that is a good read if you are interested in this subject. Me personally... I hate ALL movies because of the corruption and absolute unwillingness to present the truth and the opposite more often, to bastardize and distort the story to make a buck. Pretty much anything after TORA TORA TORA I can't watch. Speaking of which.... the famous quote: "I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant, and fill him with a terrible resolve." was in fact written by Darrell Zanuck.... No.. Yamamoto never said it. see what I mean??? If you thought it was a real quote then you understand my point exactly. I apologize for the rant, I don't normally do this. ("Action In The North Atlantic" is back when they were still making great movies.)
  7. Good for you OM, have always enjoyed racing with you.
  8. I have been using the Microsoft VR for a year, and I got the Oculus about 3 months ago... they are fine for racing, but I am going back to Track IR for flight sims. They are lots of fun to fly around with, but the penalty of not being able to see behind me is just too much. The VR is WAY more immersive... Heinrich, I know what you mean... I CONSTANTLY try to put my arm on the coaming of the race car and simply is NOT there.
  9. Hey Mike, That would be the correct solution.... unless Virpil was to do the right thing and make one long cable for us that use a full length floor mounted stick. I can't describe how wonderful that is.... it really put me back in the cockpit of some old planes.... all you need are the smells and funny feeling you get from worn out springs to make it all real. I will leave it alone though... the one thing I learned is never wake a sleeping baby... so as long as it is happy, I am happy. I know you have fought that thing from day one.... sure sorry to hear that the battle continues... I just bought a new machine dedicated for the flight sims so I hope to be back in FC and DCS and BOS in the near future. I love CLOD it is just too much fun and really good practice 24 hours a day, so once I am setup again with buttons etc, I hope I can get into those three. I actually have some days off this week... what a shock... we are so short handed at work... they just keep shoveling money at the young guys to quit us and go fly for them they can't turn it down which leaves us sucking vapors at a time when they are turning out more new jets than ever before. We are booked solid for the entire next year. OH well.... look forward to getting in some old style practice with you as we managed to do so many years ago old friend. LL
  10. If Virpil would ever offer that cord in a 20" or 24" length I would be pleased to buy it. It took me several tries to get my connected and stay connected within the tube.
  11. You drove a good race, best part was the avoiding head on traffic on lap 10.
  12. Pretty stupid of me...... but I have not looked at FC in about a year. I bought that and was getting the airplanes... so.... do I have this or is this another add-on that must be purchased?
  13. We had another guy leave and take a job which puts us further behind. I get a real bang out of these articles that say the "pilot shortage" doesn't exist. They are welcome to stop writing for a couple of weeks and come take my schedule. 🙄 I get to drive once in a while for maybe 45 minutes, I miss it... just enough to say yeah... I remember this... this was fun.... I bought the F-14, pre-ordered and have started the program once to see that it is really there. Yup.. it's there.
  14. I hate Hollywood... I think every time you buy a movie ticket it should be deductible on your income tax as a donation to the DNC. I went through training last year with a real F-14 instructor that was at Miramar when they were filming the first one and he didn't have an ax to grind... said that a few guys got to have some fun that they would not have had otherwise because the movie called for some extra duty flying, and they were all up for that.... also some general stick time without having the same pre-scripted missions, so it was a change of pace. Said that Cruise and Edwards were OK guys and that Edwards was the only one that didn't hurl out of the whole cast. Did have some really surprising things to say about Kelly McGillis… and if you have seen her lately... you can pretty well project that she won't be appearing in the film... ( OUCH ) On a lighter note.... what a guy... one of my students last week was a Hornet driver for about 8 years... and that crazy goof-ass just got into the USAF Reserves and is going to the A-10.... he has been sending me some pics and I have put him on to the DCS stuff and he was really knocked back by all that. Got a real kick out of the Hornet and showing me all the stuff that has changed... laughing about "yeah, I saw that and I knew guys that had that in their jet but they were gone by the time I got in" I asked him if the only reason he was going back in and to the hawg was just to get to fire the gun and he said yeah.... pretty much that's it..... I don't blame him. I didn't realize that it stabilized the flight controls prior to firing.... wow.... he said the gun in the hornet was really hard to hit, the gun in the A-10 is really hard to miss.
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