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  1. How great is that...! good for you man. Do yourself a favor and get online and get the stuff you need now so you can start reading and go in ahead of the game. KING schools have been around forever. I used them for my FE written back in 1982. (VCR tapes back then!) Pilot Ground School (kingschools.com) ATP (Part 121 / Dispatcher) Ground School & Test Prep (kingschools.com)
  2. Didn't know if anyone was watching this... I just tripped over it today. I would be interested to hear what you think if anyone has been looking into it. FlightSim.Com - Wings Over Flanders Field "Between Heaven & Hell II" Update
  3. I will PM you when I get the information lined up. I trained with Rich back in 2006 I think it was and we later worked together briefly, he is a really great guy and knows his business extremely well.
  4. That is good stuff from Lipfert, I think he is spot on. The first thing that came to mind was if you were interested in mechanics work, getting your A&P would make a lot of sense. There are school opportunities all over the country. There is a definite pilot shortage and the airlines are hiring, but I can't say how that affects the maintenance side. I would have to think that there would be opportunities there. Larger schools have financing available so don't rule out something based on money until you have fully investigated. There can be scholarships out there as well. ADX o
  5. Something finally hit me in the head and I remembered that I could uninstall - reinstall.... so I tried that and it worked fine. Thanks all for helping. I am getting old and stupid and I don't remember the ins and outs of this business.
  6. I tried deleting the UPDATE folder and it does start loading again... but does the exact same thing... it loads about 2/3rds of the program and stops. I have tried this three times but get the same result each time. Britch... yes... Great Battles... .sorry I forget that this is more than one sim in one area.
  7. IL-2 Sturmovik I have not run in months... so when I attempted to start it I expected that there would be a large update... there was and it failed to complete. Got about 70% and just stopped there (for many hours) I tried it again with no response and then just left it and came back this morning and it is again about 70% and this time says FAILED TO UPDATE on the red bar. Any ideas?
  8. I hate to ask because I am pretty sure I am not going to like the answer... but trying to bring IL-2 back to life.... it loaded about 60% and stopped... now it does nothing. I have always been really fortunate with this program I have not had the problems I read about. Well.. I guess I am in the hopper now. Any suggestions on how to get this thing to complete loading what ever it is loading??? Thanks,
  9. Pocket watches are amazing... you have a real find there Raz. I love it in the movies, they make such a statement when the flip it open... look bemused and snap it shut and say.... nothing. All you need is a good cigar.... Good for you mate.....
  10. I wear a Breitling Chronomat Longitude which is a wonderful watch. Mechanical with the "rotor" which is kinda fun when it goes off once a day. My "old dog" is a Heuer Autavia, the only left-handed chronograph I have ever seen. It was $300 brand new when my girlfriend bought it for me Christmas 1981. They are over $4,000 now because they are so collectible. Mine has been around the world somewhere around 28 times. When I got the Breitling I quit wearing it. (note the pic of the Autavia, the stem is on the LEFT side of the case) perfect for us lefties and it is well known that all natural pilo
  11. Spot on... quite correct. Shielding is a pain and killed many a repair. Point to point is what you surgeon would recommend and it works the same with wires. It's a tricky bit, watch the temp on your iron and use as little as possible to avoid melting some plastic... that would be the voice of experience speaking. Then time to start putting away some secret cash for some Crosswind pedals. Good-Oh !
  12. Well.. I bet I speak for all the chaps here that know you and some that don't that you are a well disciplined and talented young man and we are all happy to see your progress back to happier times. Good for you old man... stiff upper and all that rot, what! Glad you posted your ascension back to where you wish to be.
  13. yeah... I saw Mighty Moose give him a boost in turn 7.....
  14. How funny.... I just came home from Hobby Lobby... I had an old version of "Assi" Hahn's airplane re-framed. I got it at Love field back in the 70's when I was just a private pilot as they had an aviation art gallery there in the terminal. I think that it is still there, I have not been over there in years. I have been collecting "Robert Taylor" prints for over 30 years and I own almost all of his works involving the Bf-109, about 16 prints so far. You can see "Abbeville Boys" over the mantle. I only have a couple on the walls because this house was painted by a moron... a MAROON wall...
  15. WOW... never thought I would see this. I am much more pleased with DCS than I ever was with RoF.
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