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  1. Lowengrin, Your constants updates and effort is really appreciated! Thank you very much!
  2. Tried beta 2 on 4.12.2 and 4.13.4...so far so good
  3. Thank you Lowengrin and Shakaali! It Works now!!!! Finally, after much investigation, I came to this conclusions: 1.- IL-2 DGEN folder has never been modified nor updated by IL-2 official pathces (from 4.08m+) or by B.A.T. installation. dgen folder size: 41.226.609 bytes 2.- IL-2 dgen.exe too. dgen.exe size: 1.396.736 bytes, v4.0.0.9 (2004) So I deleted the folder and the executable and "reinstalled" the original ones. After that everything works as expected (tried with the BoF campaign). I suposse that I had a DGEN folder mixed up with any other campaign/test or
  4. Hi! THIS IS NOT a DCG bug but something related with my BAT 3.6.1 installation that is making me mad. Everytime I created a campaign (or a Optional 3rd party...) in the first mission created the briefing text is correct but the Flight and Plane selected by default are not correct. Per example...a newGerman Lvov41 campaign. The briefing shows the correct plane: BF-109 but the Flight and Squadron shows and incorrect one. NOTE: If I try to select the correct flight, when I click "Start" everything goes mad NOTE: When I try to reproduce the error, I get different Flights and Planes
  5. Tried your 3.49 version in v4.12.2 and 4.13.4 without any problems. About 4.14...I don´t think it is worth the effort. 4.14 it´s not going to be used by the modding community. TD has made many changes against the modding community as this one you´ve found. So the result is 4.14 it´s not compatible with many mods and it makes the modder community to "start" again from the beginning., it´s not worth it. 4.14 it´s not going to be used by many people only by the players that doesn´t use any mod (and this is a very, very low percentage of the users base) Also, 4.14 hasn´t got any usef
  6. Comments....for a start: Thank you!!!! I'll try it ASAP and report back if any bug arise
  7. This is a non-stop progress!! Thank you very much!!!!!!
  8. Splendid work! Thank you very much!
  9. Thank you for your continuous and great work!!!
  10. Hi Misha, the link url was malformed. It is fixed and working.
  11. Ok, Thakns anyway. I´ll try to reinstall everything and debug the error.
  12. An BF-109 F2...it is a flyable plane, isn´t it?
  13. Hi, I just tried las beta #14 with stock v4.13.4 in auto full generation mode. Created a new campaign and when I start the first mission I only see some background images, no cockpit, no plane. (I can switch to another planes in external views though)....any help?
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