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  1. Yes ty I did 2x apparenlty due to c/p lol [Wagner_Stadt_Airfield to Water_Tower] & [Water_Tower to Lake_Plevok] I only made the water tower location due to trying to keep the routes under 1.5 hrs I was going to build s town @ the location but then others would not have my map & a simple name seemed more parctical. Thnx for noticing Gold netmountains.rds texts.txt I forgot to add the locations file
  2. ok here is an updated roads & locations. for the DCG data folder & Dgen folder Netmountains.rds netmountains.rds Ive made missions with it & all was ok it enabled more home base options for both sides as well as target locations. Thnx Gold
  3. dcg 3.50b4 does not allow squadron substitions IE edit squadron usa 01 from p-47d to b 25 & the squadron usa 01 is then dropped from the mission generated & from squadrons.dcg if all squadrons are edited the squadrons.dcg has 1 flight Player & error enemy has retreated I'm back to 3.49 now & it works fine in the above example. Thnx Gold
  4. in FMB the map is called ** WESTERN FRONT** in which there are no place names at all. in the mission file its called netMountians (VP mod) mission showing only the map & location of airport test.mis
  5. where are the referance files for locations.dcg & territory.dcg aquired from? reason I would like to add an airfield to Mountians 43 camapaign (airfield is already present but name unknown to me) my buddies & I have a coop mission for this map that we really enjoy mountians & I would like to expand on that. I have added an airfield location to the locations.dcg & territories.dcg as well as to both bak & bkl for each in the backups named Valley_Airfield. like so Lake_Plevok 2 1704.17 27699.28 Porozovskoe 2 9101.69 27299.45 Starchensk
  6. what I found worked best was opening the squadrons.dcg after generatinf a new campaign & making everything but the planes I wanted to fly Ai Only I get a plane selection screen in the game of 8 planes only. if the buddies want otherss its simply opening the file again & switch as nessasry. using 3.50b I do get many "is not a valid integer errors but if I recreate the campaign/ovwerite it stops. Thnx this is going to work out well.
  7. that is not what is created in my \IL-2 Sturmovik 1946\Missions\Campaign\DE folder in there I just see a DCG folder but this is what I see on my game when I create a MP campaign server il2fb 2019-05-26 13-42-21-28.bmp dcg will pupulate the folder DCG but in game the DCG Bombers DE folder when selected only shows dead is dead or imortal warrior no other options I thought it was corruption from my earlier attemps of using DCG however deleting the folder \IL-2 Sturmovik 1946\Missions\Campaign\DE\DCG the entry in the screen shot still exists there is No such folder I can
  8. I have sorted out my aircraft problems. 1: start dcg select the lil airplane button then go thru the aircraft class list in dcg & switch all planes to NO under the flyable by players box. (it takes a lil while..LOL) NOTE: ALL BUT the planes you want flyable in the missions you create,then be sure to save on the custom mission screen 2: "aircraft not created" appeared to be due to incorrect plane upgraded/down grade I had selected, I reset those back to what they were & all seems to be doing what i want it to now. upgrade was same as the plane I was editing &
  9. Yes I see where you sent me ...dam there is alot of total entries when you consider all the De*.dat files A guy could do some damade in there. so what you are suggesting would look like this [Lvov44] BF_109G6Late BF_109G6AS FW_190A5 FW_190A8 last original line [Lvov44] BF_109G6Late BF_109G6AS FW_190A5 FW_190A8 BF_109K new plane added? save 7 done? thnx Gold
  10. host pc runs a xeon 5675 8 core processor @ 4ghz & 6g ram, max ram use running as host is 3.2 I beleive my issue maybe with not disabling enough aircraft in the flyable list working on that now once I have edited the list the red seats should be very low & prefered blue seats wont be cluttered with other non prefered aircraft. Thnx gold
  11. at the top of the aircraft type list would it be possible to add "select all" to the list? that way one could easily edit the list to add the planes they want to be flyable rather than disabling the entire list other than the prefered aircraft. unless im missing a something you must edit the entire list one at a time per campaign for planes you do not want flyable I did look @ the class.dcg file however due to the columns having a set spacing i was worried that I would corrupt the file & be unable to find the damage again however the sisable apears like this A_20C
  12. OK thnx thats how i'll try the 3.50b
  13. yes I have tried that,seems MS stock magnifier will do ,it is difficult for me to do with my brain/sight damage for i can't multitask very well. a question about folder path for DCG.exe. D:\IL-2 Sturmovik 1946\il2dcg349\il2dcg.exe...is this correct or should it be D:\IL-2 Sturmovik 1946\il2dcg.exe? & all supporting files in the 1946 folder instead of il2dcg folder? Thnx Gold
  14. Idefix44 yes one player did not have matching mods enabled. however one did & we continued to play after the other left for the nite. with him & I playing there was still the "aircraft not created" error for both of us. One mission we did play had only 24 red & 12 blue all aircraft playable for both of us.( I do not remeber of it was created with DCG though.) and there were missions which he could not select availibe blue seats in which game (over 60 red seats) I was shown on his list to be in a red seat instead of blue. He could not select a red
  15. I'm Using the ingame client host...sadly I dont have another pc to run a server. (thou thats what got me playing with DCG) so we just finished our fri nite session & 1 player did not install the compatabilty mod & viewing him thru shft/F2 it was as if he was disconnected the other player who did install the mod worked fine. Issue tonite was "aircraft not created error" when selecting many blue planes. (vanila BF109 F & G's & red seat were under 50) Or IF there are more than 60 Red seats in the mission then players joining me could not select avaible blue pla
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