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  1. Regarding the cookies, you can do it from within the browser. If you want to delete cookies of a particular website (forum.jg1.org for example) you can go to this internal chrome URL (you need to copy/paste this link because as a security measure chrome wont let you click it): chrome://settings/content/cookies And there, you can "Show all cookies / websites" and find the forum url and click on the trashcan to delete only the cookies for that site. Bear in mind this will log you off and you'll need to re-login. Hope this helps!
  2. Hi @Luftritter, Thats actually a must-have feature, the allmighty "Scroll to top button" that used to exist on 3.x and then IPTeam decided that it was not worth it on 4.x (why, noone knows..). So I went ahead and made my own implementation of it, as you can see on the forum and on the attached screenshot, there is now a button that you can push that will take you back to the top of the thread. IOS users can double click the top status bar and has the same effect. (I think) If theres any feedback regarding it, please let me know!
  3. Disregard my previous comment... I had to revert to the old setting because... (way to go IPBOARD team!) if I change it now, it applies to all conversations, even the old one, and it was making the forum ultraweird as all line breaks were removed!)
  4. @Luftritter, regarding the paragraph issue, there was actually a option on the Forum Admin Settings that could be changed, which I did, and now pressing Enter takes you to the next line instead of creating a new paragraph. @Klaiber if you dont want it this way, please let me know. (I actually prefer it this way and I'm happy that they provide an option)
  5. Forgive me for sharing a screenshot of the Desktop version, but on mobile is the same. Clicking on the topic name, takes you to the latest unread comment, while clicking on the "Date" to the right (where it mentions 1 day ago, 3 mins ago) takes you to the latest reply.
  6. Hey @Luftritter, Regarding this issue, I have been logged on since day one, and all I did was click the "Remember me" during sign-in. There shouldnt be a difference between mobile or desktop in this matter. This needs further testing but it seems that would be a big oversight of the IPboard development team. Maybe your browser is not saving cookies properly or you have some kind of adblock installed (just a thought, dont get me wrong). Yeah, the recent forum uses HTML so... The rules are: ENTER = Paragraph (<P> tag) SHIFT+ENTER = single line break (<BR> tag)
  7. Hey guys, it seems that this version of the forum only does auto-prunning of all notifications every 90 days, and unlike the early versions does not provide an option to delete notifications. They just have a unread/read status. Edit: admins can change the timeframe, but thats it
  8. The new forum is looking excellent, Gustavo! Thank-you! :D

    1. Gustavo


      I'm glad it's working as expected and I hope it will enhance JG1 community further! Thank you so much :)

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