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  1. So, a 60 ton column is set in the master .mis file as supply, and will always appear as they normally would in-game. But once they've reached their destination during a DCG mission, they'll convert to a number of deployed guns only per the number of vehicles specified in said column's corresponding field in the carcolums.dcg file. Am I getting this? Thanks.
  2. Thank you. So the user can now customize column types by changing the number and type of individual vehicles in a column? Wow, nice. Sorry if this is a noob question. Been away from IL-2 and DCG for a long while and I've got a lot of catching up to do. Having to re-educate myself on how DCG works, and I'm interested in putting some of the gorgeous new large maps in 4.14 to proper use. I love the flexibility of your program. Thank you!
  3. Are we still restricted to using the old Type I and II supply columns for resupply, or are the more recent , larger columns in the sim available for resupply in DCG? Thanks! :)
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