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  1. Thanks a lot! It looks very nice! Sure! No problem
  2. It looks amazing! Can't wait for it to be finished! Thanks for the effort I hope you understand I was joking / being sarcastic xD
  3. Where is my skin!? This is outrageous! I will hunt you down in the sky for this!!! Uaaarggghh!!
  4. Hi, like I said in my earlier post: I don't need the emblem. You are free to use your freedom on this one. The photo was just a guideline. It doesn't have to be excactly like the photo. This way you can make it easier on yourself
  5. You said you would try, so I assumed you started working on it. But If you can't do it, just let me know.
  6. Bump!!! What is taking so friggin long time?! :p
  7. Faults can have their charms
  8. Yes, please No need for emblem yet (can smack an emblem on later if needed) since I am not a member of any squadron yet
  9. Lol, don't worry about that! I am not an official member of their squadron. Can you make the skin?
  10. It's no hurry And like I said; you can also use your imagination. Doesn't have to be 100 % from the photo. It's just a reference. I flew with the J30 guys this Saturday and they wanted me to fly with them next saturday as well. And I said yes, so I am kind of "booked". But who knows in the future?
  11. I want it based of the photo in the thumbnail...BUT... ..you are free to use your own imagination too! It would also be nice if I could have the same style for the DVII and DVIIF as well Reward: 127Tom's seal of approval!
  12. 127Tom No squadron Entente Central europe (Amsterdam / Oslo)
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