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    I'm active major in the Dutch army. I live in a rural area 500m from the German border. Not married anymore, and I have a son and daughter (2003,2004). They live with me every even week incl the weekend. My great-grandfather (with his wife and kids) left Lower Bavaria at the end 19th century to make a living in the Netherlands.

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  1. Not sure, could be Greif, we use that phrase often for pilots who don’t care about using taxi and runways
  2. I’m on the waiting list since Dec 17 2020. Nothing heard since then.
  3. JG1 acts as Luftwaffe or VVS?
  4. Picture 1 and 2 are the SteamVr settings. When in English version it explains itself. In WMR is not much to set (or I overlooked it). Picture 3 is IL2. Success
  5. One of these days I install my Rift S again to see the difference between the visual experience in high settings with the Rift and the low setting with the G2. I fear the outcome is in favour of the Rift S (I divorced twice, a third wont make me sad)
  6. Below are my settings, with that I have 60-65 fps (at low altitude) and up to 95 at high altitudes on MP-servers like Virtual Pilots and CombatBox. (Asus RoG X570 MB, 5700XT GPU , Ryzen 7 5800X CPU, 32 GB RAM, Intel Optane SSD )
  7. I have occasionally a failed to connect message also with my G2. I disconnect the USB and DP cables. Shut down and restart WMR/Steam VR and reconnect the cables. That works with my set. Strange enough the USB C is not recognised so I use a 3.1 port with the extra DC-power cable.
  8. Btw what a funny threads can be created in the "Show me your ...." category. Cars, Breakfast, Garden, Shoes .......
  9. I lied, on my iPad I have this one:
  10. how many screens do you have?? but they are very nice
  11. Very funny, well flown and good shooting. I was the high Fe2B who could outrun thanks to the brave actions of Jaus and Mannock.
  12. JG1_Heinrich JG1 CET Getting everything to work again (JiT) of course the RoF program wouldn't run through settings.exe. Than I remembered something about missing Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 SP1 Redistributable Package for (x64) and (x86). After download and install the game works as it did in the past.
  13. Good to hear that you're on the way back. Yeah Covid is much more than a heavy cold. I hear from ex-Covid patients that their taste and smell is terrible mixed up: beer smells like almonds and coffee like vinegar. I hope the best for you, take your time!
  14. @DeFreest Larner Can you use this: https://www.dropbox.com/s/hwnq667h00i44tu/Spad.zip?dl=0 its what I used for my Spad skins
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