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    After 40 years of service in the army as a major (MovCon), I’m close to retirement. I live in a rural area 500m from the German border. Not married anymore, and I have a son and daughter (2003,2004). They live with me every even week incl the weekend.

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  1. Is there a reason to invest money in the new Virpil collective for helo sims? https://forum.virpil.com/index.php?/topic/3796-vpc-collective-controller-lineup-preorders-open-today/ What can I do with it, what I can't with a throttle? Might it be usefull in Star Citizen? Of course there is the immersive aspect, but I need more than that to be willing to spent €520 (plus shipping). BOINK Must be a very good reason after doing the calculation
  2. I'll join as pilot (accepted the invite) and I have their TS.
  3. His finger is already on the trigger, it was that exiting. Cave diving doesn't even get close.
  4. I found a mistake in the P51D-15 skin of Loopy. When I flattened the skin I still had the layers of Etzel active. Never saw it until today in game This is the correct one. https://www.dropbox.com/s/7koitj5xb9vq918/v_!_JG1_P51D15_Loopy.dds?dl=0 Download the skin and drop it in the ??:\IL-2 Sturmovik Great Battles\data\graphics\Skins\P51D15 folder Sorry for the inconvenience. Tomorrow the painter will be shot at dawn.
  5. and the Sherman, didn't it had a radial engine in some versions? Radial and Rotary nephew/niece?
  6. next will be blood against the cockpit glass and instruments (I really wouldn't be surprised if they would create that effect)
  7. I’ve stopped doing that. I couldn’t read what was on them not even in Track_IR. Now through the slit in my VRmask it’s even worse. I use pre-cut 10x15 cm printer photo paper and write the function of the button on it with a overhead projector pen in different colours.
  8. Hello Wulfy, it was very nice to fly with you yesterday, I saw and heard a lot of pilot skills. Good to have you on board.
  9. Finding the runway was no problem for me in VR. I flew Axis and from both airfields Handorf and Susseldorf (?). I can’t back you (Target) up in this case. I noticed that the A/C spawn along side of the runway. When numeral A/C spawn at the same time you end up away from the beginning of the runway. In case of a heavy loaded Ju88 you have to go on the runway to avoid new spawning A/C and taxi to the left to the beginning of the runway and turn back again for the max take off length. Probably the same on Allied airfields.
  10. @Vonrd, would you be so kind to post your BoX settings here as well, incl the Steam VR settings (guess you use SteamVR)? I would love to start with the G2, but pure for combat reasons I went back to my Rift S. The G2 had better looks, but I never went above 65 fps and detecting enemies was really difficult. The view in the cockpit and close by was super. With the Rift I can fly at higher settings, even the mirror, and spot enemies much further away all at 80-90 fps. My system: MB-ASUS RoG X570 CPU-AMD Ryzen 7 5800X GPU-AMD 5700XT (waiting for the 6800XT coming available and more realistic price) RAM-32 GB DDR4 3200 CL16 SSD-Intel Optane 900P PSU-1000W
  11. In the past=youth, it was fun having that extra hour of light in the summer evenings. With the climate change, new mosquitos have arrived, and these start stinging already around 3 PM. The new ones make no sound and the itching is a lot more. No fun being outdoors (unprotected) nowadays in the summer.
  12. Possibly somewhere in the near future we have a DST per country not for the entire Union. Not sure what happens in the NLD, most likely we get rid of the DST.
  13. The EU, NOR and GBR shift on 28 March one hour forward.
  14. Age caught me unaware. Suddenly I couldn't see the hands of my watch clearly, especially in bad lightning conditions. No I use a Garmin Forerunner 235 with a digital face. I use this one. You know the saying: "You may have a watch, I have the time." Before this one I used digitale numbers but that also gave me problems and now by not seeing the time, exactly by the minute, life runs at a slower pace. NB this thread fits also in the [What are you .......] category
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