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    I'm active major in the Dutch army. I live in a rural area 500m from the German border. Not married anymore, and I have a son and daughter (2003,2004). They live with me every even week incl the weekend. My great-grandfather (with his wife and kids) left Lower Bavaria at the end 19th century to make a living in the Netherlands.

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  1. No. I'm save, J5 choose for Schlachtstaffel 27b, which I think is more correct than a Schusta. But wasn't Schlasta 27, the old JG1 bomber wing? Besides that maybe not the best choice for J5, Schlasta 27 had black and with striped tails like J6 has.
  2. That's what I wrote, didn't I? Besides it's an inspiration and not a copy, otherwise I wouldn't have used it on the 1-seaters.
  3. Before everybody stumbles over my SPAD skin, below where the color scheme and the open engine comes from:
  4. The aircraft for the Axis are based on this Schusta 26 skin: The Fokker DVII The Fokker DVIIF The Halberstadt CLII The Halberstadt CLIIau
  5. Because of my transfer to J4 I had to change my skins. Below are the skins for both the Entente as the Axis. I hope that you like them and that they are added to the JG1 Skin Package. @Vonrd, I deleted the links to the .dds files in the post on page 1 and made a reference to this post. The .dds files are already in their respective folders. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Z0tg1yJUhrbI9TwNNQa4lKsKe-LKF_vD The Entente: Same skin for the 2 and the 3
  6. I knew that Baader was part of the RAF, but I thought that he and the RAF were from Germany.
  7. R-Alt q = รค, R-Alt y = รผ, R-Alt p = รถ My great grand parents with their kids, left late 19th century Flanitz (Nieder Bayern) for Delft in the Netherlands (glass blowers).
  8. No problem, go ahead. Be aware of the fault on the starboard side right after the cockpit of the Alb.
  9. Absolute fine, great team, great guys. I don't know which of them is their "skinner". It might be better to ask them for a skin, I don't want to fish in their pond. Just because I saw that you are in CET/CEST thought you might want to join the other European members in flight in FC or BoX. We have a small WhatsApp group, which we use for arranging Rendez-Vous. Just in case you want to join us in that, you can send me a PM with your phone number and I'll add you to the group.
  10. To whom is your question? This is a nasty skin to get right: for example the rear part of the Alb fuselage consists of 6 unconnected parts, to get the triangles perfect cost some time. I have other skins to do first this week (promises to keep). Hope you're not in a hurry. Become a member of JG1 and I'll make you these skins. We have more Europeans in the org, all the more reason to join us.
  11. "Certainty of death. Small chance of success. What are we waiting for?" [Gimli]
  12. Yes, some one did, but on his way back to finish it off, he was trailed by the 3x3 deckers, kinda lost my appetite. ๐Ÿ˜ญ
  13. I consider an update in 2K a Small Update ๐Ÿ˜‰
  14. Hello Dutch, very welcome. Nice that you join. Be warned though, you're not the only Dutch. ๐Ÿ˜‹
  15. The benefit of anonymous skins per Jasta is that the enemy can't hunt for our aces or canon fodder, like me.
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