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    After 41 years of service in the army as a major (MovCon), I’m now retired. I live in a rural area 500m from the German border. Not married anymore, and I have a son and daughter (2003,2004). They live with me every even week incl the weekend.

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  1. and it can always be done faster (sorry for the stupid music): I saw this by chance a few days ago
  2. I'll sign up Axis. Same as Etzel no problem to fly Entente, BUT only when all of JG1 is on the Entente side.
  3. What I don’t understand is why invest time/money in a high altitude fighter, or better bomber interceptor while hardly any one flies above 3 k. The 3 Russian aircraft I do understand. There must be some Axis aircraft left more suited for the low alt. Probably the producers don’t want to go for the experimental aircraft like the Do-335 and Moskito.
  4. Ta-152 and the Yak-3, and better trees. Live can be beautiful Sometimes a bit weird translation but I figured out that also the Polikarpov I-153 Chaika, and the La-7 will be created.
  5. I know that's why I put the emoticon at the end. My initial remark was to express that in general Bubblegum is a good pilot, one you want to have with, not against you. Not claiming Bubblegum for Allied. Agree there should be some balance. Not exactly though, as the Allies have the far less superior aircraft, in performance, fire power and load out. It should feel right for all parties that they have a fair chance to win or have fun loosing.
  6. ….. and he/she is not just some mercenary wanting to have some fun but a very skilled pilot, which I would love to have on my team. Not against me
  7. Hello Guzzler, I see that Etzel was so kind to answer your questions already. If you have still questions you can ask them here or we could also meet on one of the JG1 Discord channels and have a talk, works sometimes better than typing. CU HignRig aka Heinrich
  8. Maybe I give it a try. I've lost the fun part of FC on PvP servers.
  9. Around 2200 CEST (2000Z) Greif, Etzel and Heinrich are going for some action on IL2 servers. Depending on the map running we probably hit the AAS and WW WW2 server 1st. Results from the past, are no guarantees for the future. Feel free to join us
  10. Than I would have to buy a new set of cervical vertebrae from Creator, mine are worn out.
  11. I always push the recenter button already when I'm in the hangar with the wallpaper in front of me. If it occurs, recenter always puts me back. After log in, usually the total screen in VR is off center, so I push the recenter button and it resets the total image, and with that also the Necksaver.
  12. The WP had way more aircraft than we had Nikes and Hawks
  13. In 2019 the IPMS held a contest on the Luftwaffe Museum Berlin Gatow. Below the link to the museum with lots of interesting aircraft and all kind of pictures, worth scrolling. https://www.flugzeuglexikon.com/Luftwaffenmuseum/luftwaffenmuseum.html
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