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    I'm active major in the Dutch army. I live in a rural area 500m from the German border. Not married anymore, and I have a son and daughter (2003,2004). They live with me every even week incl the weekend. My great-grandfather (with his wife and kids) left Lower Bavaria at the end 19th century to make a living in the Netherlands.

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  1. Probably Danheim and Zergananda are also on your list?
  2. Can we start another thread: What are you guys drinking? Alcohol or Non Alcohol, Coffee, tea whatever. Reason is that right now I enjoy the pleasure of drinking a KBS Espresso stout. Maybe we can find each other in the Untapped App
  3. Gratulations to all of the ones mentioned above. As a photographer you hardly get the attention, so I had to come up with a plan for a great show, it worked, although it was a very short one. Story of my live 😉
  4. I’m sorry for you all. It must be a UK thing, other Europeans weren’t affected after the 1st crash. I hope next time it’ll be okay.
  5. Heinrich

    New alphas?

    Same for me, no problems. I still have to tweak the overall settings for the landscape but the Alphas looks good. 🥳
  6. @127Tom and @GenMarkof007I don't have the time for it, already the work with the new alpha layers takes up time and also I'm about to start working on WW2 skins.
  7. S! Heinrich
    Please. I´d like to take part in this WhatsApp group: +55 11 96847 8379

  8. Congratulations Hotlead, Namaste
  9. Hi Bern, I would like to create your skins as soon as you have passed hardlook, but as Klaiber has written because your one of Butzzell’s I’ll leave it to him if he wants and has time to create a set of personal skins for you. Anyway I would look for one of the Bavarian skins and see if there is a historical one to use as inspiration on top of J11 colours.
  10. @Jaus, well there is Good Better and Best. I'm sorry. The Jasta 10 Albatros as we have painted it, has the horz and vert stabilizer painted in black and the rudder and elevator in yellow. Would you be so kind to make that change? Looking forward to Best!
  11. Hello @Jaus, good skin! Good alpha. Since you asked 2 remarks. We have a naming procedure here: One thing I would add to your skin is the Jasta 10 tail: black tail with a yellow rudder and elevator.
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