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  1. Oh sorry Heinrich, most definitely good! I love em!
  2. Really nice skins here....but those spoked wheels are over the top!
  3. I've been messing a bit with skins and these came out good enough to share I think. I miss all the squadron defaults and cool skins I had in RoF so I converted a few. These work great with PWCG, you can assign skins to the other guys in your squadron for more immersion. screenshots http://www.mediafire.com/file/m6iizjs7cgzgk8s/Jasta_4_DVa_skins.zip/file 2 default and 4 ace Alb DVa skins http://www.mediafire.com/file/rncx4vgge3dulxq/Jasta_6_Alb_DVa_skins.zip/file 3 default and 1 ace Alb DVa skins http://www.mediafire.com/file/qmm1f5bpez79uid/Jasta_10_Alb_DVa_skins
  4. Trozz


    Thanks for the hearty welcome, .. looking forward to flying with you all.
  5. Trozz


    Hi all, Older pilot here. I'm Sean (Troz),I am looking for some new folks to fly with, I fly RoF and FC , I prefer German aircraft and try to be a good wingman (w mixed results,.. but I try). I have good pc, and stick, Trackir. etc. live in EST timezone. Would like to get involved in FiF, BA and the like. I also enjoy Cooperative stlye game play. I used to do the squadron thing years ago and miss it, seems with current events as they are I will have some extra free time to fly. Let me know if I might be of service , thanks
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