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Found 14 results

  1. All, @Heinrich has created Allied skins are for JG1 to use during the upcoming TIF 2021 Spring Campaign. They are non-historical and are designed for air-to-air recognition. You can download JG1's Allied skins here: https://forum.jg1.org/topic/7959-official-jg1-skins/?do=findComment&comment=68592 Heinrich has also created Allied skins for some of the Red Team pilots who will be joining us. You can download the non-JG1 Red Team skins here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/asg9kwfe9ttk3sh/2021-0409_MERCTIF_Allied.zip?dl=0 We apologize for not being able to provide skins for everyone on the Red Team. If anyone from the Red Team would like to add skins, please post them below.
  2. STEP 1. PLEASE DOWNLOAD THE "FULL MONTY" SKIN PACKS: File: Great Battles: Axis Fighters (Bf 109 / Bf 110 / Fw 190) - JG1 - 25 March 2021: Great Battles: https://www.dropbox.com/s/zsv6hqpog4vpe9c/2021-0325_JG1AxisFighterPP.zip?dl=0 File: Great Battles: TIF2021 "Allied" paint pack - JG1 - 09 April 2021 [updated 29 April 2021] Great Battles: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ivvtg2ypitm0btn/2021-0409_JG1TIF_Allied.zip?dl=0 File: Flying Circus - JG1 - 10 August 2020 (updated 21 August 2020) Flying Circus: https://www.dropbox.com/s/k8grpj9soc552k9/2020-0810_JG1FCPP.zip?dl=0 STEP 2. PLEASE DOWNLOAD THE SMALLER UPDATES: These are necessary to see all of the current JG1 skins: 1. FC AUG 21 2020 Update: https://www.dropbox.com/s/o7bc3dob93z0ncd/2020-0821_JG1FCPPupdate.zip?dl=0 ============================================================================================================================ ============================================================================================================================ ============================================================================================================================ Old Files: Great Battles - JG1 - 19 August 2019: These skins are old and being phased out. Some of these skins are still in use. As a result, they are posted here for completeness. However, it is not necessary to download these. 1. Great Battles: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jdqii6fovjex4xm/Great Battles - JG1 Renamed Aug 19.zip?dl=0 2. GB Nov 11 2019 Update: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/016amk29duo9qjj/AADdy8GSNelhGHUMloDmlwxFa?dl=0 3. GB Nov 14 2019 Update: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/x6tfjsrrwzh4ayy/AAB-cy5jBcEaS1lzxn6DdRp9a?dl=0
  3. S! All, Just for info... SCG have new Pz-III-M and Pz-IV-G IL2 Tank Crew skins... You can download them here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1cd8qAIrgcRhJ9_1YeVsHHbf5KYWZ_0Rl/view?usp=sharing They should have new skins coming soon for the Tiger, the Panther and the 184 'Ferdinand'. Cheers, GenMarkof ps: these are the skins they will use for all SCG events - German side
  4. This thread is for submitting WWII skins only. For discussions regarding paint schemes, post here.
  5. S! All, After getting a GO from the JG1 High Command, a first Unofficial JG1 'Tank Crew' skin pack Vol.1 & Vol.2 are coming very soon! These 'Tank Crew' skin packages will be used by our JG1 'Tank Crew' tankers and will be given to other 'Tank Crew' squadrons or any other tankers that will join us or be part of Combined Arms event in the IL2 'Tank Crew' community. This will help us and others to identify better each of the tanks in combat. We invite all JG1 members to ask for a JG1 'Tank Crew' skins, if you think to get involve or you want to join us for any events (if you don't have the game, you can still be part of a tank crew!).. We only need your JG1 insignia - in .PNG or .SVG format (if none), we will try to create one for you... if your not a hard client! ---------------- At this time, here are the following Il2 Tank skins that have been created: - PzKpfw IV Ausf.G (winter and summer skins)- PzKpfw VI Ausf.H1 "Tiger" (winter and summer skins) - M4A2 “Sherman” (winter and summer skins) - added Aug 14 - T-34-76 (winter and summer skins) - added Aug 14 - PzKpfw III Ausf.M (winter and summer skins) - added Aug 15 - KV-1s (winter and summer skins) - added Aug 16 - PzKpfw V Ausf.D "Panther" (winter and (2) summer skins) - added Aug 18 --- edited August 20 ---- They are now ready to download... Check this post: --------------- - PzKpfw III Ausf.L - we won't be able to do any skins for the free German tank... at this time, no template are available, very sorry! ---------------- List of JG1 members that have already sign up for the JG1 Unofficial 'Tank Crew' skins pack: - Klaiber = number R01 - Britchot = number R02 - Moxy = number 201 - Vonrd = number 202 - Heinrich - number 404 - added Aug 13 - Trev - number S (415) - Lipfert - number 511 - Badger = number 512 - Wittmann = number 522 - AngryGoat = number 612 - added Dec 4 - GenMarkof = number 614 - Butzzell = number 711 - Dudley = number 712 - added Dec 4 - J30 Hangman = number J302 (for (little J) + 30 + 2) - added Aug 18 (only German Tank skins & the M4A2 'Sherman' skin) - J30 insignia was added We use the JG1 'oseau' roster system for the numbers on tanks. For non-members of JG1 WW2 roster, we give numbers (ex.: Butzzell = 711) or we can also use the JG1 'Fritz Schmenkel' roster numbers (ex: Trev = 415). Color Numbers on tanks: if needed, we will use the colors from the Gruppe or Staffel for the numbers on tanks. Many late tanks use outlines for the numbers. 'Tank Crew' is using the new file format for JG1 skins (made by Vonrd and Heinrich): v_!_JG1_[tank name folder]_[camo type*]_[tanker name]_[tanker number].dds * 'Camo type' = summer or winter' ** Since Tanks are really close objects in IL2 battlefields, we need to have all skins in 4K. -------------- - When should the first JG1 Unofficial 'Tank Crew' skin package be available? 'If all goes well, a first package should be ready by the end of next week - around August 21st.' ' I will try to post the skin visuals by this weekend for each of the tanks done at this time' - When should I give my request for my Tank skins? 'As soon has possible, the final package should be ready by next week... so send your request before the start of next week, if possible!.' 'All request after that, will be updated in a sequence of a few weeks depending on the numbers to create' ----------------- Important note - please read: about the JG1 Unofficial 'Tank Crew' skins, we are trying to create simple and good looking skins that will help us (camo, communicate, identify, ...) on the battlefield. We are not trying to focus only on historic timeline for the type of skins. All comments are welcome, but remember that Tanks skin are a pretty long process to create since some of them, we need to work (2) two files per tanks (and sometimes two type of camo, for winter and summer). Thanks, GenMarkof
  6. I know I said I wasn't going to alter the "Master Packs" but I did so many changes (and I lost track of what I had done) to the FC skins that I am issuing a complete re-do here. This is ALL the JG1 FC skins to date. Added Etzel skins, updated Klai and darkened colors on almost all skins... the yellow, red and white were too bright. I may have to further adjust them but I wanted to get them out for Black September... speaking of which... I am putting together a Black September skinpack which includes several other attending squads. I will post a link here as well on the FC forum. If you download that there will be no need to download this one since all of our skins will be incluses in the BS skinpack. Here's the JG1 only link: File: Flying Circus - JG1 [link removed] This is in the OP above.
  7. Thank you, and Fred so much for your efforts!
  8. This is the official Flanders In Flames 2020 Spring Campaign paint pack. It includes paint schemes for the aircraft present within the Spring Campaign. It is compiled from current submissions, past packs, as well as community packs posted on the IL-2 forums. If you don't see your skin present within this pack, but would like to have it included, please post here. I will be happy to create updates as the Spring Campaign moves forward. Note: all skins are the intellectual property of their authors. If any author would like their skin removed, just ask. If there are any questions, please contact @Klaiber and @Butzzell. . . . File: FIF 2020 Spring Campaign - 5 June 2020 Flying Circus: https://www.dropbox.com/s/kl89b1q4bevrj2l/FIF2020s PPack.zip?dl=0
  9. When submitting a paint scheme for the Flying Circus official paint pack, please use the following colors standards: BLACK 1c1b16 - Jasta 4, Jasta 6 and personal markings. WHITE d9d9d9 - Jasta 4, Jasta 6 and personal markings. YELLOW bf9c00 - Jasta 10 and personal markings. RED 9d0a0e - Jasta 11 and personal markings. GREEN 8a968d - 2-color upper wing camouflage for the Albatros D.Va. MAUVE 755175 - 2-color upper wing camouflage for the Albatros D.Va. A mission has been created to view all current skins with in-game lighting: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/hx2h6m352px8izw/AAD_fu6_xRI4rlfBzHJJjUIHa?dl=0 This mission will be updated as necessary.
  10. This thread is for submitting WWI skins only. Please note that official JG Nr. I "Richthofen" skins should use the following colors as their basis: BLACK 1c1b16 - Jasta 4, Jasta 6 and personal markings. WHITE d9d9d9 - Jasta 4, Jasta 6 and personal markings. YELLOW bf9c00 - Jasta 10 and personal markings. RED 9d0a0e - Jasta 11 and personal markings. GREEN 8a968d - 2-color upper wing camouflage for the Albatros D.Va. MAUVE 755175 - 2-color upper wing camouflage for the Albatros D.Va. For discussions regarding paint schemes, post here.
  11. S! All, Pretty happy to arrived at the end of this skin story... After a request from @127Tom (a few weeks ago and many problem with this specific pattern for the D.Va)... I got great help from some fellow skin creators: Gooseh, szelljr, the_dudeWG and many others... the official copyright of this skin goes to ( Gooseh )! I was able to finish today the skin of commander Hermann Leptien of Jasta 63, Mid-1918. - edited - This skin will be given as a personal skin to 127Tom, and will be shown for the first time live on Flying Circus this Saturday for Flanders in Flames event! Skin Name: V_Jasta63_127Tom_May1918.dds A little history of Jasta 63 and the skin 7 victory ace Hermann Leptien's Royal Prussian Jasta 63 commander is illustrated (see photo A) with post May 1918 arm' balkenkreuz applied to the wings, fuselage and rudder. This is based on a rather indistinct photgraph which, although probably not showing Leptien's aicraft, does show how Jasta 63 interpreted the post May 1918 'uneven arm' balkenkreuz conversion on their aircraft. Herman initially flew with Jasta 21 where he was awarded 3 victories in late 1917 and early 1918 before being made commander of Jasta 63 in February 1918. Leptien's personal marking was the Wappen (heraldic shield) of the city of Kiel in Scheswig-Holstein, Germany. Unknown photograph of Jasta 63 and crew men. This photo possibly shows Hermann Leptien's Jasta 63 Albatros D.Va OAW aircraft before the eisernkreuz markings were converted to post May 1918' uneven arm 'balkenkreuz. Leptien is the tall chap in the middle of the photograph. Leptien is the tall chap in the middle of the photograph, 4rth from the left. Enjoy! Cheers, GenMarkof
  12. This is for discussion of newly submitted WWII skins.
  13. S! New Caterham Academy JG1RT No 27 skin - Lipfert Fresh from the Paint Shop! Caterham Academy JG1RT No27 skin - Lipfert Cheers, Gen
  14. S! All,Here are the official JG1RT Formula 2 skins to download to your AC game. Link: https://we.tl/t-fJWcEYNNBXIt's pretty easy, just download the ZIP file, unZip it in a folder and copy the ( Content ) folder to your first level of Assetto Corsa game.You should see after this, No 17, 27 and 59 cars. For Snaggle & Ludwig, you need to download the skins from JG1 Discord.Cheers,Gen-----Quick view of the 3 skins.No27 Lipfert skinNo59 Britchot SkinNo17 GenMarkof skin (some changes were made last minute)Have a great Formula 2 season to all!Cheers,Gen
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