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  1. S! I am electing to play in the upcoming FiF Autumn 2020 tournament. ( it's my first ever so ... yes... gosh...) to this end I have decided to fly with a squad. ( GASP! ) so heaven help anyone who gets in our way! To glory! ( via the bar...) S! ST_ Plank.
  2. Plank. ( yes it's really me ) Your In-Game Name: I have no squad. But if I did it would be Snarling Trolls... [if applicable] Your Squadron affiliation (with squadron website if possible): Entente. Your preferred side (Central, Entente or Don't Care): UTC +12 ( Auckland ) HLZ . Your timezone: This will be interesting. Have been lurking for some time and well, it;'s time to get my goggles oily... S! Plank ( Knalp of RoF Forum ( Plank backwards.... ) )
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