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Found 10 results

  1. Welcome to the Flanders In Flames Online War! All new pilots will need to register for the FIF2021 Winter Campaign! All returning pilots will need to sign-in! This includes pilots from JG1 (the host squadron). Note: virtual-squadron commanders or representatives can mass-register their pilots! . . . Please post the following information: Your In-Game Name: [if applicable] Your Squadron affiliation (with squadron website if possible): Your timezone: Your post within this thread is very important! It gives us a headcount for the event, as well as
  2. The following is the plane-set for the FIF 2021 "Winter Campaign". Since the FIF 2021 "Winter Campaign" is a semi-fictitious event with little historical precedent, the aircraft selected are merely meant to suggest the pitched air battles of World War One. There is definitely an attempt at a progression of technology, however. As we move through Phase A into Phase B, pilots should feel that in-game time is in fact passing. Should there any questions, or possible oversights, please contact @Butzzell and @Klaiber FIF 2021w Plane-set - Phase A (early 1916) FIF 2021w
  3. All, Here are the team assignments for the FIF 2021 "Winter Campaign". This list will be added to as people register. Blue Team: Adler Blau (Adler Legion) Baron von Myakin (Adler Legion) Shtahel 040 (Adler Legion) Tovarisch_Mauser (Adler Legion) VS_emely (Adler Legion) tristan (Adler Legion) Celentano_dn (Adler Legion) Lev15 (Adler Legion) J13=Shershen (Adler Legion) Foxmann (Adler Legion) Jet_F_76 (Adler Legion) oraclenok (Adler Legion) Stekus (Adler Legion) Protoss (Adler Legion) =2ndSS=JOCKE
  4. FIF 2021 "Winter Campaign" Objectives: FIF 2021 has 16 objectives per team per mission night. The purpose of these objectives is to add some variety to the tournament, as well as new challenges for experienced pilots. It will be difficult for the teams to accomplish all 16 objectives within one session. Part of a team's strategy will be in prioritizing what objectives should be attempted within the two hour mission window available. For further clarification on how to complete certain objectives listed below, please post within the FIF Rules Questions forum: https://fo
  5. FIF 2021 "Winter Campaign" Schedule: This year's FIF Winter Campaign will be followed by other "IN FLAMES" events. A dry run / test mission will be held on Saturday, January 23rd 2021 at 2PM EST / 7PM UTC, as per the FIF Calendar. Phase A (early 1916): Week A1 (Saturday, 30 January 2021) Week A2 (Saturday, 6 February 2021) = Blue Team = Red Team Week A3 (Saturday, 13 February 2021) Week A4 (Saturday, 20 February 2021) = Blue Team = Red Team Phase B (late 1916): Week B1 (Saturday, 27 February 2021)
  6. Welcome to the Flanders in Flames 2021: Winter Campaign! Winter Warfare By Edgell Rickword Colonel Cold strode up the Line (tabs of rime and spurs of ice); stiffened all that met his glare: horses, men and lice. Visited a forward post, left them burning, ear to foot; fingers stuck to biting steel, toes to frozen boot. Stalked on into No Man’s Land, turned the wire to fleecy wool, iron stakes to sugar sticks snapping at a pull. Those who watched with hoary eyes saw two figures gleaming there; Hauptmann Kälte, colone
  7. FIF 2021 "Winter Campaign" Map: FIF 2021 "Winter Campaign" is a completely fictitious event with little historical precedent. The default Eastern Front map is used. Specifically, the combat area south of Kolomyya (within modern day Ukraine) and the Prut River. This is a region of the Eastern Front that, historically, saw fierce fighting between the Russian Empire and Austro-Hungarian Empire. Controlled by the Habsburgs in 1914, it was captured and lost by the Russian Army on three separate occasions. The plane-set is a mix of 1916 aircraft. The Central Powers are in the West.
  8. Welcome to the Flanders In Flames Online War! FIF is moving back to Rise of Flight. As a result, our two teams (Blue and Red) will need to be recreated from scratch. All new and returning pilots will need to register for the FIF2020 Fall Campaign! This includes pilots from the host squadron, JG1. No one will be grandfathered in. . . . Please post the following information: Your In-Game Name: [if applicable] Your Squadron affiliation (with squadron website if possible): Your timezone: Your post within this thread is very important! It gives
  9. Here is a video of a sortie from last weekend's FiF session. DavJack and I worked very well together, and I wish I had our first engagement as well, but sadly I wasn't recording.
  10. Hey guys, I love posting my videos here and seeing what you guys think about them, and being able to share them with you is very fun for me. I do not want to cover the forums with separate threads as I start uploading content more regularly, so I decided to make a master thread that I can update as I release content. Also if you guys enjoy the videos leave a like and subscribe! I'm not trying to make a huge channel, just one that I upload content that I want and one that I think will be enjoyable to other flight simmers. MrDrshadepiece on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4YFS
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