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Hello guys!

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I have been away for quite a while. I was involved in JG1 in Rise of Flight for a time, and I am looking to possibly rejoin the ranks here in the IL2 Great Battles/Flying Circus arena. My steam name is Spectre, formerly Sith. I am sure Klaiber will remember me. :) Hello there old friend if you are reading this! Feel free to add me to friends list guys. My picture is of a decidedly skinny guy and says, "Fueled by Coffee, Heavy Metal and cuss-words". Which describes the essential "me" in great detail. LOL Also, my name in-game (IL2) is AngelOfCruelty. I spoke with a few JG1 guys a short while ago who said I should post on the forums my request to return to ranks. Thanks in advance guys. My email is angel.of.cruelty.@gmail..com without the periods of course.




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