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  1. Erhardt


    Welcome to Jg1 Zeagle, I hope you will enjoy your time in the squadron! Look forward to flying on your wing! (I am the enternal wingman!)
  2. Welcome Bussard, I hope you will enjoy your stay in Jg1 and I am really glad you know how to read a map (I cant read maps and last time I tried we took a wrong turn on the Autobahn and were heading towards Berlin instead of Kiel) - I shall always be 50 meters behind you like last time we flew - this way I will find my way back to base!
  3. Welcome JTB Videos, look forward to flying with you Sir! (Norwegian GMT+1 here - also "I am the wingman")
  4. Thanks for the video Lipfert, its like the pilot is saying: "this airplane has not killed enough people...what can I try...."
  5. Welcome to Jg1 Sir, I look forward to flying close to you! By the way I am the Norwegian in the group...thought I would just throw that out there, in case you are wondering what I am trying to say or do - this is normal, its like that for everyone else as well - sometimes I dont even know why or what I am doing. # edit: oh, in case you havent figured it out - "Im the wingman" - Give me a good flightlead and I will never get lost.
  6. I wonder if someone has checked that everyone are using the same joystick curves in DCS......?
  7. I feel I would be spending a lot of time in a Su-22 if they ever made one as I do prefer ground attack to air to air in DCS or indeed any sim. Fighter pukes make movies - bomber pilots make history and that kind of shit....!
  8. Welcome Spartan071 I hope you will enjoy flying with us and I look forward to flying with you Sir!
  9. Would like to join if there still are free slots - Name: JG1_Erhardt. Timezone: CET Can fly or drive a tank (equally as bad at both roles).
  10. Problem with flying the Zero is its great 1 v 1, but once you throw in a wingman or two and they cover each other, the Zero has to fly straight and level to aim at its target as the targets wingman takes aim at the Zero and puuufff Zero (you) are on fire...we flew Zeros back in IL2 1946 and its great as long as you get to fight your "guy" alone, but in campaigns where the other side are using tactics and teamwork...its pretty bad...of course from 1943-1944 the Japanese get some better planes, and again, I would not want to fly the Zero in 1943, of course in eary war the Japanese also get the Ki43 which can turn even better than a Zero, but is slower has worse armament and is even more fragile...So if you want to fly Japanese mainly fly "army" planes in 1943 or later....But hey, I am no expert on the Pacific war or Japanese planes.
  11. Yeah nice picture Yogi! Its quite easy flying wing on a good pilot like yourselfe! I look forward to the next flight Sir!
  12. Merry Christmas to everyone, and thank you for being such a great bunch of guys! Best people I have ever met!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Well Firefly, I sometimes get to fly on your wing...so I notice these things!
  14. Welcome Slippy! You should talk to our squadron pilot JG1 Firefly...he likes the Mig21so much, that if allowed I think he would marry it! And Firefly is a damned good Mig 21 pilot!
  15. Very sorry! My thought goes out to his family and friends!
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