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Randomness for static aircraft as a target


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Hi Paul,

I noticed that level bombers get always assigned the same static aircraft as a target on an enemy airfield although the target was destroyed each time! (At least in my campaigns!)

Would it be possible to include a certain randomness for these targets in the future?



The second thing has something to do with the attack points for level bombers against bridges!

In V 3.48 beta get the level bomber an extra target marker for bridges, although the bridge postion is defined in rls.dcg relative near the bridge on the map!

The main problem is, that now the heavy bomber leave there formation and attack the bridge like a ground attack aircraft and not as a bomber in formation for level bombing!

It happends also for vehicle bridges with a front marker for the bridge postion!


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After some more testing, it looks like a random or bridge position thing!

Flew a new heavy bomber career and had a normal level attack waypoint against another rail bridge!

But It happends last time for the AI, a bit wicked . . .


EDIT: Another reason could be the option "Massed bombers"!

I had this option unchecked, as DCG created the "ground attack" waypoints for bridge level bombing!

It was checked as all works correct!


EDIT: Nope, had this time "Massed bombers" checked and selected also Bridge attack/Recon in DCGs "Custom Mission Selection" and get this ground attack waypoint for level bombing!


Seems like a random thing . . .

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Hi Paul!

I have created 6 unmodded 4.11m Missions in the Lov41 standard campaign for the He-111!

5 times right level bomb waypoints, but in the last mission I get a level bombing mission with a Bridge marker for the attack waypoint!


DCG 3.48beta:

Used Auto generation and replace DGen

Selected Bridge attack/recon in the "Custom mission preference" option!

Massed bombers unchecked

Air starts checked

Action radius 700km

Squad density "dense"

Flights pro Squads "2"


DCGerror for player squad:

[2013.05.20 19:44:58.589] I/Kampfgeschwader 3 (HE-111 H-2) at Uzhgorod_Airfield: Bomb Zapyitov_Rail_Bridge497.

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