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Request for DCG with larger maps


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Hi Paul!

Some last wishes for future versions of DCG!

As some new (modded) maps are getting larger, DCG meets with some mission types sometimes his limits!

During a recent created campaign for an approximately 450 km wide map, I noticed that the patrol time for the defenders over a target were often not long enough to meet the enemy bomber formation later!

This time difference was up to half an hour after the time indication of the waypoints in FMB!

In this case, I have created only offmap airfields for one side to shorten the flight time, but it would be better if you could use the airfields of the map!

Because sometimes the way back waypoints runs not exactly toward the own front area when you have offmap airfields! Has apparently something to do with the angle of the offmap airfield to the target location!?

My suggestion would be that DCG could generate, by larger settings of "action radius" values, more interception missions or to extend the patrol time for the defenders over the target (possibly up to an hour)! Also a timetable command to change that would be a suggestion!

However, I also noticed that the interception waypoints are often inaccurate, the greater the distance to the enemy flights is!

Have often experienced that the two groups are past each other only a few kilometers, without being able to see it each other!

The interception waypoints should be reworked again!

As I said, all of this applies mainly for modded maps, but the new Solomons map is meanwhile also a bit larger then the older maps of IL-2!

Thanks for your time!

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Yeah, I could see how the larger maps would cause more issues with patrols and even worse with interceptions. It's difficult to calculate interception points given speed (level vs climbing) and distance so the further the distance, the less accurate it becomes. But frankly, interceptions probably shouldn't be happening on really large maps unless the bombers begin in the air and near the interceptors airfield (or some other defended place with communications to the airfield).


Anyway, I'll give it some thought.



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Yes, I can imagine that it is hard to calculate!

And I think, its not unrealistic for WWII times, that the interception propability was lower the greater the distance was!

But for gameplay reasons, it can be frustating, especially for long flight times!

As far as I have observed is the length of the waypoint to the target flight almost always right!

Only the direction is often only a few kilometers next to the waypoint from the target!

Perhaps the interceptors should fly, from a certain distance, a high angle zig zag course to increase the probability of interception?!


I personally edit every DCG mission before I fly (mainly for ship attack and interception missions) and I have learned a few tricks for me, so that I do not need the FMB!

However, some changes would take a little too long with every new mission!



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So I've been tweaking and testing using the Solomon Island map without much success so far.  For long missions, I need to make some bigger changes.


Thanks for the update! What are you experiencing exactly? Is there a max distance from the front where routes don't intersect at the same time with the enemy formations?

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No, it has more to do with the waypoint generation.  An interception, for example, can completely miss it's intended target due to the distance between it's path and the enemies path. 


I have been doing some major changes, particular for flights starting in the air (and units escort and intercepting them).  I may post a beta soon, but I'd only recommend using it if you intend to test large maps.  If you play on small maps, I suggest sticking with the last beta.  In fact, I may make the last beta the last build of 3.48.

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This is an exciting development as far as I am concerned. I have a feeling that Lonestar, sniperton Slink, vonofterdingen, and the other DCG campaign makers will like this version too, hell - maybe even Tailspin and Scharnhorst will come out of retirement! ;) We have several maps new PTO, ETO and MTO maps that come with CUP and HSFX which are begging for some action. If I am not mistaken one map is actually conducive for Operation Tidal Wave ('43 Bombing Raid on Ploesti) - been looking forward to doing virtual battle with against by childhood idols (the RedTails).


--- Oh and Jasta V, the grandfather of all DCG missions!

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