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IE 9 Issues


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Okay, the forums don't like IE - I don't blame it.


But, in all seriousness this can be an issue for people that does use IE we probably need to address it. It seems to be worse in IE 9 than IE 8.


First, the forums are a third party plugin to site's like ours. That being said, it's not a paid plugin. It also, uses a different set of styling than our site does.


There in lies the problem. I have no clue what they are doing sooo a real fix would be waiting on them.


At any rate, there is a work around you can use.


Compatibility mode will make things work. Like replies and posts. BUT compatibility mode looks like crap while reading.


So, while reading - don't use compatability mode. While writing, use it.


Thanks Schweizer for figuring this out.

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