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static planes


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Hi Paul

I stumbled again over some question in our running MDS campaign, which affects basic DCG question, maybe you can give me hand here once again.


1)Can you point me again to how DCG is counting losses of static planes at airfields.


When I place 3 static aircrafts at an airfield, just one single (e.g) Bf109 squadron is located there.In the mission I will have 3 static Bf109 there, but how many are substracted from the squadrons plane numbers ,when all static aircrafts are destroyed?

Is it a ratio of 1:3 or 1:1?



I guess there wont be any differences in the ratio to Singleplayer or Multiplayer in any kind?



2) we noticed in our running campaign certain tanks facing to the wrong site.

They were static, standing beside the road and faced to the direction where they actually came from.


The tanks are not intended to be statics in the masterfile,nor are they customs in the fobject.dcg.


3) just to be sure: if a vehicle got no fuel anymore, it keeps stoping on the last location until fuel is on again?

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If you have three static aircraft of one type and one squadron with that type, all three will be subtracted from that squadron. However, a squadron will never fall below one plane.


DCG sometimes gets ground unit the facing wrong. I just don't know why, but it does. :)


Tanks aren't generally statics unless specified in the fobject.dcg. Truck units with artillery will be. There are a few situations where I may have used tanks for the front line (for more obscure campaigns). I don't remember.


Units without fuel will still move at the location, but they will not advance to a new one.

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