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Invasion Scenario - Ship unloading again


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I am trying to set up a proper invasion scenario, where a complete invasion is dependant to rtansport ship resupplies. Actually similyr to the default DCG Normandy map.

But I have a few questions to get things cleared once again.


Are transport ships similar to "mobile depots", means doesent matter at which harbor they are, they got the chance to unload or load a column, or do they need to be at a _depot or supply_zone (like City_depot -> City_Harbor or Town_Supply_Zone ->Town_Supply_Zone_Harbor)?


Only if a column and a tranport ship is at the same time at the same location it will load?



What would be the most effective method to carry columns via tranport ships to another island?


Could you imagine a way to create a timetable command to increase the chance of ships unloading at harbors (none dependant if friend or foe harbor). Atm , if I remember correctly, a ship will unload by 60% at enemy harbor and friend at 30% ?


I got the problem that all my ship are loaded with columns but noone got unloaded anymore since 10 missions, although the ship has passed several times a few harbors (friend and foe).

I use a circle as .srd, means the ship doesnt get deleted at the end of the route, but starts again.


If a ship gets blank again, when i use a non circled route, the column is still asigned to the ship.

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They unload at _Harbor locations. The harbor location needs to be named after a land location. So Le_Havre_Harbor unloads at Le_Havre. But land location should also have a beachhead location ending the route. So, for example, Le_Havre_Beachhead.


Columns are picked up by ships when the ship spawns (or if the ship completes the circle).


If a ship is on a non-circle route and doesn't "unload" the column when it "blanks", that's a bug. :(


A timetable command is a good idea.


There's no way for ships to pick up columns that have already spawn (traveling island to island). Instead you could use the "Ferry" location points...see my Burma campaign for an example.

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