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Where'd WHOOOO go?


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Last night on das Adlernest, Klaiber and I were returning from England, after chasing Spit's and Wellingtons. Almost to Calais, I spotted a single contact just off the coast, which turned out to be a Hurricane flown by a guy named, Slatz.


Klaiber turned left into him to meet him low head on. I flying close echelon right, waited about 10 seconds to bracket and turned into him high. i didn't have a great shot, so I started running cover for Klaiber. The hurricane was really agile, but started to run against both of us, swapping from Klaiber, to me, to Klaiber, to me.


After his energy was practically wasted, we started double attacking him. With only machine guns, I got a good burst on mid-fuselage to which Klaiber thought the smoke from the hits was him shooting off into nowhere. (I think the default loadout for the E4 now includes practice rounds, hence the type of smoke we saw.)


After that, I got tumbleweed and took me about 30 seconds to find them. When I saw them, I saw one plane climbing out and the other, going in. Klaiber tells me it's his E4 that is climbing out, but something doesn't look right. I do a fly by and looks okay, wings and tail is intact. Don't see holes.


Klaiber puts down, and I follow shortly behind him. As I pass him on the field. This is what I saw.




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Must have missed you guys, I was on around 2200 EST. I am going to try to make it on again tonight just to get my set-up correct. Somehow my controls are messed up since the beta patch and I am still working the kinks out. I think I died 2 or three times spawning in because my E4 spawned on top of a small hanger and naturally gravity took over and I blew up hitting the ground.





* I have to remember to change my steam nickname so if I forget and you see some nut-job named Quickcord barely maintaining lift, its me.

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