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I feel DCG 3.48 is really needed


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Having played both 3.47 and recent dgen mod, I feel 3.47 is somewhat outdated when matching with 4.12.  Although it's playable under 4.12, it still misses a bit.  For instance, 3.47 is still using old radio menu, where you can't order your wingman home directly.(you can only do by flight)  New dgen mod allows you to do that.  Feels 4.12 is very different from 4.11, a lot need be updated in next DCG.  But, the flexibility and dynamic features of DCG are nonexistent in Dgen. 

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Possibly I'm wrong, but I don't see any 'Return to home' command for the wingman in stock 4.12 (nor in HSFX 7.01). Furthermore, I don't see any change in the FMB, and I don't see any option to change the radio menu either. Maybe it's done via the ini file or the console, maybe it's a mod feature having nothing to do with DGen or DCG (or 4.12).


Happy New Year, BTW :)

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Oh, another quick note.  I really like the flexibility of DCG.  Especially, when I shot down an enemy ace and got recorded.  Such a sense of accomplishment. LOL  However, the winning criteria for some of the DCG campaigns are really buggy.  You can test USN tarawa map.  It just won't end. It makes the campaign long and tedious.  I would say for next generation of DCG, probably we can set time limit instead of hard "capture point" criteria for some of the campaigns.  For instance, battle of coral sea.  If the time reaches 5/8/42 then the battle ends and advance to the next one.  Because the battle was historically an inconclusive one anyway.  Also another note.  Shift-F2(enemy external view) would allow you to see the mission target in dgen.  But in DCG, it would sometimes only show empty patch of land or sea.

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You can do by pairs.  I use dgen mod, there is an option called pairs.  You order pair rtb then the wingman will leave you and rtb.  But anyway, I was just saying the current version of DCG is a bit outdated.


Both DCG and DGEN are 3rd party mission generators for the game Il-2. They only do what you also could do via the FMB. The in-flight options you see depend on the game version (and on mods), not on the mission generator. In stock 4.12.2, there are the following options for your "pair":


1. Cover Me

2. Target All

3. Attack Fighters

4. Attack Bombers

5. Attack My Target

6. Ground Targets

7. Drop Tanks

8. Break

9. Rejoin


If you also see an "RTB" command there, then it's a mod feature, having nothing to do with either 4.12.2 or any mission generator, including DGEN or DCG.


Anyway, Paul, what are the chances (other than poor ;)) to catch up with stock game features? Taxiing, shared kills, and skinnable stationaries come to my mind. Not that I want to put pressure on you, I'm just curious. We've discussed them briefly some time ago.

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