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Best Way to play DCG?


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Long time user of DCG. Love the program. Its the reason I have played IL2 off and on for years. Now, getting back into it after a long time away I noticed lots has changed.


My good old DBW is now "outdated" until DBW2 comes out to support the changes in 4.12. So I went with HSFX.


Been using DCG beta 3.48 with HSFX 7.0.3. Been doing just the default campaigns that come with DCG and enjoying them very much. Noticed some issues on the Eastern front with some of the PE-2's assigned to the LW and spawning in odd locations. Also noticed some ground forces wont move in to take objectives, and get caught in a loop when there campaign wont change.


Anyway, since the onyl reason I play IL2 is to use DCG, I have a few questions if anyone has some time to answer.


1. What mod pack is best used with DCG? I used mod packs that help with visuals and sound upgrades mainly.

2. If I used HSFX is the beta 3.48 best to be used with it or is 3.47?

3. Are there any DCG campaigns (LW or USN) that are compatible with IL2 4.12 + HSFX?

4. Are there any campaigns that anyone can suggest that are long with a few map changes (even if stock DCG campaigns) for LW or USN?


I appreciate any feedback.

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Basically you will be doing fine using HSFX 7.0.3 and 4.12.

You can use the stock campaigns coming with DCG without touching any files, as long as you dont want to exchange mod planes instead.

If you would like to use a real grandcampaign like flying from 41 to 45 stick to the stock campaigns.

Maybe you should consider adding more ground forces and squadrons to benefit the advanced pc power.


There are aswell some decent user made campaigns out there, just google for them our search e.g. at HSFX/SAS Forums or Mission4Today.


As soons as you want to use mod planes instead of default planes you need to exchange some of the files, mentioned by Lowengrin, in which the mod planes are added.

You can either google for the files like DCG HSFX files or check the forums.



If you are interested in coop play at MET, you maybe want to give us a try by following my sig.

As we already got one english speaking form US aswell, language shouldnt be prob. ;)

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Thanks much for the information.


I totally forgot I can also run the regular *campaigns using DCG with full auto and replace Dgen mode. Having a blast again running some of those.


I really dont care about adding mod planes, I just like the graphic, effects, and sound enhancement added by mods. I have always wanted to try some COOP. I might check that out :)


Again thanks Lowengrin for making DCG. Without it I would not play 1946. It really makes the game great.

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